Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. los ness of the English army in its setting out. For after the desolations at Lancas- ter and Medfield, as I went along with them, they asked me when I thought the English army would come after them 2 I told them I could not tell. It may be they will come in May, said they ; thus they did scoff at us, as if the English would be a quarter of a year getting ready. 3. 'Which also I have hinted before, when the English army with new sup- plies were sent forth to pursue after the enemy, and they understanding it, fled be- fore them till they came to Baquaug River, where they forthwith went over safely; that the river should be impassa- ble to the English. I cannot but admire to see the wonderful providence of God, in preserving the Heathen for further af- fliction to our poor country. They could go in great numbers over, but the Eng- lish must stop': God had an overruling hand in all those things.