Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

106 Narrative of him, that instead of turning his hand against them, the Lord feeds and nour- ishes them up to be a scourge to the whole land. 5. Another thing that I would observe is, the strange providence of God in turning things about when the Indians were at the highest, and the English at the lowest. I was with the enemy eleven weeks and five days, and not one week passed without their fury and some deso- lation by fire or sword upon one place or other. They mourned for their own losses, yet triumphed and rejoiced in their inhu- man and devilish cruelty to the English. They would boast much of their victo- ries; saying, that in two hours' time they had destroyed such a captain and his company, in such a place ; and such a captain and his company in such a place ; and boast how many towns they had destroyed, and then scoff, and say, they had done them a good turn, to send them