Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 107 to heaven so soon. Again they would say, this summer they would knock all the rogues on the head, or drive them into the sea, or make them fly the coun- try ; thinking surely, Agag-like, The bit- ternefs of death is paft. Now the heathen begin to think all is their own; and the poor Christians' hopes fail (as to man) and now their eyes are more to God, and their hearts sigh heaven-ward, and they say in good earnest, Help, Lord, or we perifh. When the Lord had brought his people to this, that they saw no help in any thing but himself, then he takes the quarrel into his own hand ; and tho' they had made a pit, as deep as hell for the Christians that summer, yet the Lord hurled themselves into it. And the Lord had not so many ways before to preserve them, but now he hath as many to de- stroy them. But to return again to my going home ; where we may see a remarkable change