Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 31 `I've fifth Remove. THE occasion (as I thought) of their removing at this time, was the English army's being near and following them : For they went as if they had gone for their lives, for some considera- ble way; and then they made a stop, and chose out some of their stoutest men, and sent them back to hold the English army in play whilst the rest escaped; and then like Jehu they marched on fu- riously, with their old and young ; some carried their old decriped mothers, some carried one, and some another. Four of them carried a great Indian upon a bier ; but going through a thick wood with him they were hindered, and could make no haste; whereupon they took him upon their backs, and carried him one at a time, till we came to Bacquag