Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

32 Narrative of River. Upon Friday, a little after noon, we came to this river. When all the company was come up and were gath- ered together, I thought to count the number of them, but they were so many and being somewhat in motion, it was beyond my skill. In this travel, because of my wound, I was somewhat favoured in my load : I carried only my knitting - work, and two quarts of parched meal. Being very faint, I asked my mistress to give me one spoonful of the meal, but she would not give me a taste. They quickly fell to cutting dry trees, to make rafts to carry them over the river, and soon my turn came to go over. By the advantage of some brush which they had laid upon the raft to sit on, I did not wet my foot, (while many of themselves at the other end were mid- leg deep,) which cannot but be acknowl- edged as a favour of God to my weak- ened body, it being a very cold time.