Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 47 Here we abode a while. Here lived a sorry Indian, who spake to me to make him a shirt; when I had done it, he would pay me nothing for it. But he living by the river side, where I often went to fetch water, I would often be putting him in mind, and calling for my pay ; at last he told me if I would make another shirt for a Papoos of his, he would give me a knife, which he did, when I had done it. I carried the knife in, and my master asked me to give it him, and I was not a little glad that I had anything that they would accept of and be pleased with. When we were at this place, my master's maid came home ; she had been gone three weeks into the Narragansett country to fetch corn, where they had stored up some in the ground : She brought home about a peck and a half of corn. This was about the time that their great Captain (Naonanto) was killed in the Narragan- sett country.