Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

48 ,Narrative of My son being now about a mile from me, I asked liberty to go and see him, they bid me go, and away I went ; but quickly lost myself, travelling over hills and through swamps, and could not find the way to him. And I cannot but admire at the wonderful power and good- ness of God to me, in that though I was gone from home and met with all sorts of Indians, and those I had no knowl- edge of, and there being no christian soul near me, yet not one of them offered the least imaginable miscarriage to me. I turned homeward again, and met with my master, and he showed me the way to my son. When I came to him, I found him not well ; and withal he had a boil on his side, which much troubled him. We bemoaned one another a while, as the Lord helped us, and then I returned again. When I was returned, I found myself as unsatisfied as I was before I went up and down mourning