Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 55 my hand, Pfalm 46. 1 o. Be full, and know that I am God. Which stilled my spirit for the present : but a sore time of trial I concluded I had to go through. My master being gone, who seemed to me the best friend I had of an Indian, both in cold and hunger, and quickly so it proved. Down I sat with my heart as full as it could hold, and yet so hun- gry, that I could not sit neither ; but going out to see what I could find, and walking among the trees, I found six acorns and two chesnuts, which were some refreshment to me. Towards night I gathered me some sticks for my own comfort, that I might not lie a cold ; but when we came to lie down, they bid me go out, and lie somewhere else, for they had company : (they said come in more than their own :) I told them I could not tell where to go, they bid me go look : I told them, if I went to another wigwam they would be angry,