Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

56 Narrative of and send me home again. Then one of the company drew his sword, and told me he would run me through if I did not go presently. Then was I fain to stoop to this rude fellow, and go out in the night, I knew not whither. Mine eyes hath seen that fellow afterwards walk- ing up and down in Boston, under the appearance of a friendly Indian, and sev- eral others of the like cut. I went to one wigwam, and they told me they had no room. Then I went to another, and they said the same. At last an old In- dian bid me come to him, and his Squaw gave me some ground-nuts ; she gave me also something to lay under my head, and a good fire we had. Through the good providence of God, I had a com- fortable lodging that night. In the morn- ing another Indian bid me come at night, and he would give me six groundnuts, which I did. We were at this place and time about two miles from Connecticut