Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

82 .N'arrative of mistress again." I asked him if he spake true ? he answered, "Yes, and quickly you shall come to your master again," who had been gone from us three weeks. Af- ter many weary steps, we came to Wa- chuset, where he was, and glad was I to see him. He asked me when I washed me ? I told him not this month ; then he fetched me some water himself, and bid me wash, and gave me a glass to see how I look'd, and bid his Squaw give me something to eat. So she gave me a mess of beans and meat, and a little ground-nut cake. I was wonderfully re- vived with this favour shewed me. Pfalm 06. 46. He made them alfo to be pitied of all thofe that carried them away captive. My master had three Squaws, living sometimes with one, and sometimes with another. Onux, this old Squaw at whose wigwam I was, and with whom my mas- ter had been these three weeks : An- other was Wettimore, with whom I had