Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 83 lived and served all this while. A severe and proud dame she was ; bestowing every day in dressing herself near as much time as any of the gentry of the land ; powdering her hair, and painting her face, going with her necklaces, with jewels in her ears, and bracelets upon her hands. When she had dressed herself, her work was to make girdles of warn- porn and beads. The third Squaw was a younger one, by whom he had two Papooses. By that time I was refreshed by the old Squaw, Wettimore's maid came to call me home, at which I fell a weeping. Then the old Squaw told me to encourage me, that when I wanted victuals, I should come to her and that I should lie in her wigwam.. Then I went with the maid, and quickly I came back and lodged there. The Squaw laid a mat under me, and a good rug over me ; the first time that I had any such kindness shewed me. I understood that