Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

86 Narrative of me. When I carne I sat down among them, as I was wont to do, as their man- ner is. Then they bid me stand up, and said, they were the general court. They bid me speak what I thought he would give. Now knowing that all that we had was destroyed by the Indians, I was in a great strait. I thought if I should speak of but a little, it would be slighted, and hinder the matter ; if of a great sum, I knew not where it would be procured ; yet at a venture, I said twenty pounds, yet desired them to take less ; but they would not hear of that, but sent that message to Boston, that for twenty pounds I should be redeemed. It was a praying Indian that wrote their letters for them. There was another praying Indian, who told me that he had a brother, that would not eat horse, his conscience was so ten- der and scrupulous, though as large as hell for the destruction of poor chris- tians ; then he said he read that scripture