Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 85 and a pound of tobacco, the tobacco I soon gave away. When it was all gone, one asked me to give him a pipe of to- bacco, I told him it was all gone ; then he began to rant and threaten ; I told him when my husband came, I would give him some : " Hang him," rogue, says he, " I will knock out his brains, if he comes here." And then again at the same breath, they would say, that if there should come an hundred without guns they would do them no hurt. So unsta- ble and like mad -men they were. So that fearing the worst, I durst not send to my husband, though there were some thoughts of his coming to redeem and fetch me, not knowing what might fol- low ; for there was but little more trust to them, than to the master they served. When the letter was come, the Sagga- mores met to consult about the captives, and called me to them, to enquire how much my husband would give to redeem