Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

go Narrative of any scruple but that they should prosper, and gain the victory. And they went out not so rejoicing, but they came home with as great a victory. For they said they killed two captains, and almost an hundred men. One Englishman they brought alive with them, and he said it was too true, for they had made sad work at Sudbury ; as indeed it proved. Yet they came home without that rejoic- ing and triumphing over their victory, which they were wont to shew at other times ; but rather like dogs (as they say) which have lost their ears. Yet I could not perceive that it was for their own loss of men ; they said they lost not above five or six ; and I missed none, except in one wigwam. When they went, they acted as if the devil had told them that they should gain the victory, and now they acted as if the devil had told them they should have a fall. Whether it were so or no, I can-