Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 91 not tell, but so it proved : For they quickly began to fall, and so held on that summer, till they came to utter ruin. They came home on a sabbath day, and the pawaw that kneeled upon the deer- skin, came home, I may say without any abuse, as black as the devil. When my master came home, he came to me and bid me make a shirt for his Papoos, of a holland laced pillowbeer. About that time there came an Indian to me, and bid me come to his wigwam at night, and he would give me some pork and ground-nuts. Which I did, and as I was eating, another Indian said to me, he seems to be your good friend, but he killed two Englishmen at Sudbury, and there lie the cloathes behind you ; I looked behind me, and there I saw bloody cloathes, with bullet-holes in them ; yet the Lord suffered not this wretch to do me any hurt, yea instead of that, he many times refresh'd me. Five