Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 95 together with the two dians, Tom and Peter, ter from the council. near, I was abroad. called me in, and bid not stir. Then they fore-mentioned In- with the third let- When they came They presently me sit down, and catched up their guns and away they ran, as if an enemy had been at hand, and the guns went off apace. I manifested some great trouble, and asked them what was the matter ? I told them I thought they had killed the Englishman (for they had in the mean time told me that an Englishman was come) they said no ; they shot over his horse, and under, and before his horse, and they pushed him this way and that way, at their pleasure, shewing what they could do. Then they let him come to their wigwams. I begged of them to let me see the Englishman, but they would not ; but there was I fain to sit their pleasure. When they had talked their fill with him, they suffered me to go to him. We