Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

94 Narrative of wife Kettle. I told her my heart was so heavy that it was ready to break : " So is mine too," said she, " but yet I hope we shall hear some good news shortly." I could hear how earnestly my sister de- sired to see me, and I earnestly desired to see her ; yet neither of us could get an opportunity. My daughter was now but a mile off; and I had not seen her for nine or ten weeks, as I had not seen my sister since our first taking. I desired them to let me go and see them, yea I entreated, begged and persuaded them to let me see my daughter ; and yet so hard- hearted were they, that they would not suffer it. They made use of their tyran- nical power whilst they had it, but through the Lord's wonderful mercy, their time was now but short. On a Sabbath -day, the sun being about an hour high in the afternoon, came Mr. John Hoar (the council permitting him, and his own forward spirit inclining him)