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. :The Epi(Ue :Dedicatory. Creation of fo noble a Branch. Chrijt, for thts Caur& , efpeciall ~- ,left the Bofom ofGod, &: was cloathed with Fie1h and our Nature, that ht! might be a Mafs, a Sea, and boundlefs River of vtjible, living and br1athing Grace, fwelling ~p to the higheR: Banks of not only the habitable World ; bur the fides 'alfo of1 the Heaven of Heavens, to ove_rwater Men and Angels. . So as Chr~ft was as it were Grace fpeaking. Pfitl. xlv. 2. . Luke lV. 2.2 . Grace fighiog, weeping, cr~ir!g out ~fhorrorLdy .. ing, withering for finners, llvmg ag:un, Heb. ~1. 9· John iii. I.5. Rom. viii. p, 33. And 1~ now glorified Grace dropping down, raining down Floods of Grac~ on his Members, Eph. iv. II, 12, q, 14, 15, 16. John xiv. I 6, I7 . John xvi. 7, I 3. Chrifl now interceed-. z"ng for ~~~ at the rlght Hand ofGod. Is thefe fix teen hundred Years the great Apple Tree,dropping down Apples of Life, for there hatl1 been Harveft ever finee'· Chrift's Afcenfion to Heaven, and the Gt•apes of Heaven are ripe ; all that fallerh from the Tree, Leaves, Apples, Shadows, Smell, Bloffomes, are bur Pieces of G1·ace fall 'en down from him who is the Fulnefs of all, and hathjilled all thingr: We ih_-lll never be bleifed perfectly, till we all fie in an immediate Union under the Apple Tree ; This is a rare Piece by way ofParticipation, ofthe Divine Nature. Chrift paffed an incomparable AB: of .ricll Grace on the Crofs, 'ando dot~ now Actl and Advocate for .Grace, and the applymg ofthe Grace of Propitiation m Heaven r Johz ii. 1, 2. And by an Act of Grace harh all the Elect and rat:fomed ones ingraven as a.Seal on his Hearc;&Chrtft bemg_ the Fel(ow of God, rh·..: Man th~t ftandeth ftraight oppoftte. to l11S. Eye, the firH opemng of the Ey'-"·lias of G;d Is ten;nnated upon the Breaft ot CJ.nji, and on the .mgra~emng of Free-Grace. . All the Glory of the glorified, Is, that they are bm:h In the lowet· and high- , er Houfe, even when they are the States and Peers o,f Heaven, the evel'laf.ting Tenants and and Free-holders of Grlf~e j fo as a Soul can deiire no f~ird Inheritance. than