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TO THE .' R·ight Honourable; THE Lady Jean Camphe/1, · Vifcountefs . of Kenmure ; Sifter to the Right Noble and Potent, the Marq-tfefs of .Argyll& Grace and Peace. 'M AD A M, . I Should complain ofthefe much difputing and. overwriting Times, ifl were not thought to be as de~p in the fault, as thofe whom I accufe: But the Truth is, while we endeavour to gain a Grain-weight of' Truth, ·tis much. i~ we lofe not a \alent-weight of Goodnefs and Clutlhan Love : But I rn fure, though there is fo much Knowledge and Light as may c<>aduce for our fafe walking in difCerning the certain · Borders of divine Truths, fi·om every fo!fe WIJ)'; And fuppofe that Searching int0 ~efrions of the Time were a ufefu) and neceffary Evil only; y'etthe decliuingTemper ofrhe \tVorld'sworfr Time, and the old Age of Time, Eternity now fo near apiroaching!J t z. ~ail~

.. 'J/:;e Epiflle 'IJedicatory. · ca11eth for more necdfary good Things at our Hands : . "Tis unhappy, if in tNe Nick of the 6rft Breaking of the Morning-Sky the Night-watch fall faft . afieep, when be hath watched all the .Night. 'Tisnow near the Morning-dawning of the Relurre6l:ion. 0 how bleffed are we, if we fuall care for our one neceJJary Thing! 'Tis worthy our Though~s, that an Angel, (never created, as I conceive) fianding in his own Land, Hz'} dght Foot ~pon the Sea, and his left Foot on the Ertrth, hath determined, by Oath, a Controverfy moved by Scoffers, 2 Pet. iii. 3· rea and wtth his Hand lifted up to HeAvm, jw~tre by him that livetf; for e't'er and ever, 'll'ho created Heaven and the Things that a1·e therein, tmd the E~erth and Things that therein are, tmd the Sea a'!Jd ··things that are therein';· 'That there jbould be Time no lortger. Rev. x. s, 6 . If Etei·niry be conclud~d juaicially by the Oath of CJod, as a Thing near to .us, at the D~or, now about Sixteen hundred Years ago, it i~ high time to think ofir. What fuall we do, when the Clay-houfe of this Tabernacle, which is but our Summer-honfe, that can have us butthe fourth part of a Year, fhall be diffol ved ? Time is b.1t a :!hort Trance, we are carried quickly through it ; our Rofe withereth ere it come to its Vigour : O_m· Piece of this ihort-breathing Shadow, the Inch, the Half-cubit, the poor Spanlength ofTime fleeth away as fwifdy as a Wer.wert Shuttle, Job vii. 6. wltich leapeth over a thoufand Thread., in a Mom~nt. How many hundred Hout·s · in one Summer doth ou1· breathing Clay-pofr skip over, paffing away as thJ SUps of Vejire, and as the Engle that Jiajleth to the Prey ? :]ob ix. 2. 5, 26 If Death were as far (rom our Knowledge, as Graves and ,Cofuns (which to our Eyes preach Death) are· near to our Senfe~, even calling the Smell of Dearh upon our Breath, fo as we cannot but rub' Skins wirh Corruption, we :!heuld not believe.either Prophets ot' Apojlles, when they fay,All Flejb is G1·ajs, and, It z's 11ppointedjor ~ll to die . .Etermry is a greac VVord, but theThing Itfelf ii greater : Dtti}.th~ the Point of our fhort Line . · te'aCh-

.~ . 7/Je Epi(Ue ~dicatory. , teacheth us what we are, and what we fuall b~: Should Chrijf, the Condition of Affairs we are now in, the ExccUmcy of Free-Grace, be feen in all their own Luftre and Dye, we fhould lea:n m~ch Wifd~m fi·om thef: Three : Chrift fpeederh lmle tn_ conqHermg ot Lovers, Becaufe we have not pen his Shape at any Time, we l<Ook not upon Chrift, but upon the Accider.ts that ~re bef1de Chrift ; and thet·efore few efteem Chrift a rtch Pennyworth : Bur. there i~ not a Rofe out of Heaven, but there is a Blot and Thorn growino- out of ,it, ex~ c;ept that one only Rofe of Shm·on, whid1 blo!Tometh out Glory ; every Le:.f of the Rofct is a Heaven, a?d ferveth for the healing of the Nations ; every Whtte and Re~ in it is ih,comparable Glory ; every Act of Breathing out its Smell, fi'om e'Vel'lajling to e'Ve-rlnjling, is fpotlds and unmixed Hap.pinefs. Cbrift is the Outfer, the Mafter-flower, the uncreated Garland of Heaven, the Love aad Toy of Men and AngelS : But the Fountain-love, the Fountain-delight, the Fountain~ joy of Men and 'Angels is more ; tor out of it flovteth all the Seas, Springs1 Rivers and Floods of Love:. Delight and Joy: Imagine all the Rain and Dew, Seas, Founrains and Floods fince the Creation were in one Cloud, , and thefe multiplied in Meafqres, for Number,to manyMillions of Millions,and then divid-, ed in Drops of Showers to an anfwerabie Number 1 of Men a.1d Angels; this fhould be a created Shower,and end in a certail! Period of Time ; and this huge Cloud of fo many Rmm and drops iliould dry up, and rain no more,: But we cannot conceive fo of Chrift ; for if we fhould imagine Millions of ~{en and Angels to have a co . eter~al dependent Exifrence with Chri.ft, and , they eternally m the ACt of receiving Grac'e for Grate out e( his Fulr1eft; the Flux and Hfue ofGrace :fhould beeternal!.. as ~hrfji is ; for Chrift cannot tire or weary ' from .t.termty to be Chrifl, and fo he muft nor : He cannot hut be an infinite and eternal flowino- Sea -to diffufe and let out St!"eams and Floods ofboundlefs Grace ; fay that-fhe Role we1·e eternal, the fweet Smell the·Loveline!i of Greennef.s ai;ld Colour muft be eter~ .7 ~ nal~

. · '.li:Je Epijlle ~edicatory. nal. 0 Wlhat a Happinefs for a Soul to lofe its Excellency in his tranfcendent Glory! . What a Bleffednefs for the·Creature to caft in his little All in Cl.~rift's rnatchlefs All-fufficiency : Could all the Streams retire into the Fountain and firft Spring, they fuould be kept in a more fweet and firm Poffeffion of their being in the Bofom ofrheir firft Caufe, than in their bot·rowtd Channels that they now move in. Our Neighbourhood, and · retiri-ng in to dwell, for ever and ever, in the F&uhtain-bJeJT~dnefs; Jefu Chnjl, with our borrowed Goodnefs, is tl~e fit·m and folid Fruition ofour eternal happy Being: Chri.fl is the Sphere, the connatural firft Spring, ·and Element of borrowed Drops and fmall Pieces of creared·Grace : The Rofe is fmdl: in being, in Beauty on its own Stalk and Root; let Life and Sap be eternally in the Stalk and•' Root, ancl the, Rofe keep its firll Union with the Root, and it ili<HI never wither, never its Bloffom nor Greenrefs of Beauty.. 'Tis Violence for a gracious Spirit to be out of his ~talk and Root: Union here is Life and Happinefs; therefore the Church's laft Prayer in Canotlick Script4re is for Union, Rev xxii. · 20. .Amm, Even, fo, Come Lord Jeius. ~t fhall !lot be well while the buher, and Chrift the prime Heir, and all the weeping Children be under one Roof in the Palace Royal : ·ris a S0rt of m yftical lameaefs, and that the Head wanteth an Arm or a Finger ; and •ris a violent and forced Condition for Arm and Finger to be feparated from the Head. The ~ainrs are little Fie~cts of myflical Chrt.fl, fick of Love for Unio~, the W 1fe of Youth tha& wants her l':Iusband fome '1 ears, and expeCts he fhallreturn to her fi·om over-fea-Lands, is often on rhe Shore ; every ~hip coming near Shore is bel· new Joy, her Heart loves the Wind that fhall bring him Home: She asks at evel"y Paffenger News, 0 ! iaw yon my Husband? What is he doing? When :fhall he come ? Is he :fhipped for a Return ' Every Ship that canieth noi her Husband is the Breaking of ber Hearr. VVhat Defires harh rhc SJJirit and Hride to

. 7he Epijtle 'IJedicats'I"J.l'. to hear, wsen ~he Husband Chrifl 1hall fay to the mighty Angelr, M11ke you ready for the Journey, fet Uf gr~ down anddivide the Skies, iJnd baw the Heaven: Ill gather (my Prifoners of Hope unto me; I can want my Ra~hel1m1 her' weeplng Children no longer : Behold I come quzckly tD ;adge tha Nation!. The Bride, the Lamb's Wt(e, bleffeth the Feet of the Meflenger that preacheth fl'tch Tidings. Rejoz'ce, 0 Zion, put on thy beautiful Garments ; thy [(z'ng is , comz'ng : Yea, fue l9veth that Q_larter of the Sky, that• .being rent afunder and cloven, fuall yield to her Husband, when he :fh<\ll put through his glorious Hand, and !hall come riding on the Rainbow and Clouds to receive her to himfelf. The CQndition of the People of God in the Three Kingdoms calleth fo.r thi~, That ~-now wife'y confider wh~t tla~ Lord IS aomg ; there ts a Language of the Lord's Plre in Zt'ou, and ht's Furnace in Jerujalem: If we could miderftand the Voice of the crying Rod. The Arrows of God fiee beyond us and befide us; but we fee little of God in them: We fail, but we fee not Shore ; we :fight, but we have no ViCtory: The Efficacy of fecond C.:aufes is the whole Burden of the Bufinefs ; and this Burden w~ lay npon Creatures (and it is more than they can bear) and not upon the Lord : God is crying Lamenefs on Creatures and Multitude, that his Eminency of working may be more feen. 2.. Many are Friends to the Succds ·ofReformation, not to Reformation : Ivlens Faith go along with the Promifes, untill Providence feem to them to beHe the Promife. Through Light at a Key-hole many fee God in thefe Confufions in the Three Kingdoms; but they fall away, becaufe th.eir 'joyning with the Caufc was violent Kindnefs tQ · Chrifl : 'Tis not a Frind's Viftt, to be driven to a Friends Houfe, to be dry in a Shower, and then occafionally to vifit Wife and Children : . Cl•rift hath too many occafiomH Friend's; but the Ground 9f all is thi~, I !o7Je Jcfus Clui~, but liHr.;e not tb& Gift of b~~,r. t 4 / 'tJing

7/o_e Epijlle :JJedicatory. ttlng quz'rk for Chri£t. 0 how fecurely !'hould Fairh , land us out of the Gun-1hot of the prevailing Power of a black Hour of Dat·knefs l Faith can make us able to be wilJ in~, for Chrifl, to go thorow a Q;Jarter of Hell's Pain, Lord, give us not Leave to be' mad with worldly Wifdom. , 3 When the Temptation ileep-., thct mad Man is wif~, the Harl'Ot is fhafte ; but when the Veffel is peirced, o.ut cemeth that which is within, either Wine or Warer : Yet if we 1hould attenrively lay our Ear-s to Hypocrites, we fhou:d hear that their Lute-frrings do' · mifer~bly jar ; for Hyrocrifie is intelligible, ar1d mar be found our. Would Pflrliamcnts begin at Chrift, we fhould not fear that which ceNainly "o/e, have Caufe to fear ; One Wo is pajt, (lnd another Wo cometh; The Prophets in the thre.e .Kingdoms have not repentc:td of the S'uperftidon, Willworfhip, Idolatry, Perfe'cqtim::l, Propha,niry, R<>rma,.. lit]' which made them cui/e before the People: And the Judges and Princes, V..·hp t1trned Judgment iuto Gall and wqrmwood, not humbled, becaufe they were a Snfl1·e en .Mizpah, and a Net JPr!ad upon Tabor. No .Man repent~th, and, tur11etb fr~>m his etvil way: no .Man jmit- ~tb on his Thigh, jtryi11g, what ha'Ue I done? 'Tis but black Po~ry,'(the Name being changed, not the thing) to 'think the bypaft Sins of the Land are bypafr, and ;1 Sort of ReformatiOlt for time to con-le is fatisfaCl:ory to GOD, ex opere optrato, by the Deed aone : Y,ea, .the Di.vifions in the Churc\1 are a heavier .Pl!lgue than the raging Sword. Thefe fame Sins againfr the fidl: and fC!cond Tl:\ble ; the reconciling of us and Babylo1•1 Pride, B1 ibing, Extortion, Filthine!~ and Intemper- ~mc£ unpunifhed, Blood touching Blood, and not revenged, Vanity I ofApparel, the profdfed \IV ay of Salvation by ~ll Kinds/ of Religions whatloever are now Alia JCe- aCt:ed in another Stage, by other .P'erfons; na1 eadem but they are thefe fame Sins: If that fabula. flead-jhip flarre1·ing Prelates took from Jejits dlrrtfi,_ and gave to rhe King, be yet taken from Chrifl, a11d gtven ~o Men: If f;;f;riji's Crown bo fUlied o!f h\~

'The EpijUe 'IJedicqtary. . , his Head, no matter whofe Head 1t warm, lt s taken from cl.·rift both ways : I ihall pray that the Famefs pf the Ffejh of ']rmlr, for this do no; wax Lean, f fa . xvii. -4· and that the wa1fare of Britain ~e accomp!ijhcd : But if the faithful VVatchmen know wh~r I:;Iour of the Night it is now, there be bur !mall appearance that it is ne!ir to the dawning of Britain·s Delive1·aqce, or that pur ~ky ilia] 1 clear in hafre, woula God tbe Year I 841 were with Child, to bring forrh the Salvation of Britain. It was once as incredible that the Enemy fhould have entered within the Gates ofJertt{l!em, Lam iv. 1 :2.. as it is now rh at rhey can enter within the Port& of London, Edinburgh, Dublin : I fpeak not this to encourage Ca'Valiers, for certainly God watcheth over rhem for Vengeance ; but that we go not on fimher to bt·eak with Chrift, the W eakne!S of new Heads, devifing new Religions, and multiply~g Gods(for two fundt·y and contrary Religions, argueth iilterpreta,tively two fimdry Gods) ~tcco..-dz"lzg to the Number ofottr Cities, muft come from ltorrennefs of our Hearts: 0 if we could be inftructed bt!fore the Decree, that is with Child of Plagues to the ~inn~rs in Zzon, br-ing forth a. Man Child; tmd before the long Shadows of the £.-r.'emTJg be jb*'Jtched out on tts. · But of this Th~me no more, Grace i~ the Propofition of this foll0wing Treati!e; when either Grace is turned inro painted, but rotren Nature, as Arminians do, ()r into Wantonnefs, as others do : The Errot to me is of a far other and higher Elevation than Opinions touching Church Gouernment: Tenacious adhering to Antmomian Errors, with an obitinate and final Pet·fii; tance in them, both as touching Fai~ll w, and f1:1itable PraB:ice of them, I fha11 think, cannot be fathered upon any of the regenerated: For it is an Opinion ' not in th(. Margin and Bot·ders, bur in the Page and l3od y, and too near the Cent er and viral Parts of the . Gofpel : lf any offend, that I defire to ·Anger them with Good~will to Grace) I ihall.ihive and itudy the Re~

CJ'he Epijl:le 'Dedicatory. Revenge only of Love and Companion to their Souls. If fome of thefe Sermons came once to your Hon~ our·s Ears, and now to your Eyes (is may be) wirlt more Englijh Language, I have frayed poffibly till the laft Grapes were fome riper> I hope it 1hall be pardoned~ that I am bold to borrow your Name, which truly I fhould not have done, If I had not known of your praCtical Knowledge of this noble and excellent Theme, the Free- Grace of God : I could add more of this, but I had rather commend Grace, then gracious Perfons : I know that Je[tts Chrifl, who perfumeth and :9owerh Heaven, with his Royal Prefence, and ftrewerh rhe Hearuen of Heavenf to Its utmoft Borders with Glory, is cornmended rhat he was full ofGrace, a V effel fil1ed to the Lip, Pfxlv. z.. John i. 16. Yea, Grac . hath bought both our Perfon and our Service, 1 Pet . ii: 1-4, z 5. Even as he rhat buyerh a Captive, gives Money nor only for his Perfon, but for all the Motion, Toil and Labour of his Body, Legs and Arms; and redeeming Grace is fo perfeCt, that Satan hatil Power poffibl y, to bid, hut not to buy ~ny of the Redeemed; no tnOt'e than a Mer~ant can buy anothe1· Mans bought ,Goods without his confent: All. our ~appine.~ that groweth here on the Banks of Tune, Is but thm fowen, as very StrAw-her'fiu .on the. Sea-Sands, what good Parts of Nature we have wuhout Grace, are 1 ike a fair Lill y, but there is a Worm at the Root of it, it wirhereth from the Root to the Top : Gifrs wither apace without Grace ; Gifts neither break nor humble; Grace can do both. Grace is !o much the more precious and fweet, that though · it be the refitlt of £it) in the AEt ofpardoning and cUl·ir.g , finful Lamenefs ; yet it harh no Spring but the Bowels of God frirred and rowled within him by only fpotlefs and holy Goodnefs; GrMe is of the King·s Houfe from Heaven only, the Matter, SubjeCt . or Perfon it dwclleth ia, contributed nothing for the Cre-

. :The Epi(Ue :Dedicatory. Creation of fo noble a Branch. Chrijt, for thts Caur& , efpeciall ~- ,left the Bofom ofGod, &: was cloathed with Fie1h and our Nature, that ht! might be a Mafs, a Sea, and boundlefs River of vtjible, living and br1athing Grace, fwelling ~p to the higheR: Banks of not only the habitable World ; bur the fides 'alfo of1 the Heaven of Heavens, to ove_rwater Men and Angels. . So as Chr~ft was as it were Grace fpeaking. Pfitl. xlv. 2. . Luke lV. 2.2 . Grace fighiog, weeping, cr~ir!g out ~fhorrorLdy .. ing, withering for finners, llvmg ag:un, Heb. ~1. 9· John iii. I.5. Rom. viii. p, 33. And 1~ now glorified Grace dropping down, raining down Floods of Grac~ on his Members, Eph. iv. II, 12, q, 14, 15, 16. John xiv. I 6, I7 . John xvi. 7, I 3. Chrifl now interceed-. z"ng for ~~~ at the rlght Hand ofGod. Is thefe fix teen hundred Years the great Apple Tree,dropping down Apples of Life, for there hatl1 been Harveft ever finee'· Chrift's Afcenfion to Heaven, and the Gt•apes of Heaven are ripe ; all that fallerh from the Tree, Leaves, Apples, Shadows, Smell, Bloffomes, are bur Pieces of G1·ace fall 'en down from him who is the Fulnefs of all, and hathjilled all thingr: We ih_-lll never be bleifed perfectly, till we all fie in an immediate Union under the Apple Tree ; This is a rare Piece by way ofParticipation, ofthe Divine Nature. Chrift paffed an incomparable AB: of .ricll Grace on the Crofs, 'ando dot~ now Actl and Advocate for .Grace, and the applymg ofthe Grace of Propitiation m Heaven r Johz ii. 1, 2. And by an Act of Grace harh all the Elect and rat:fomed ones ingraven as a.Seal on his Hearc;&Chrtft bemg_ the Fel(ow of God, rh·..: Man th~t ftandeth ftraight oppoftte. to l11S. Eye, the firH opemng of the Ey'-"·lias of G;d Is ten;nnated upon the Breaft ot CJ.nji, and on the .mgra~emng of Free-Grace. . All the Glory of the glorified, Is, that they are bm:h In the lowet· and high- , er Houfe, even when they are the States and Peers o,f Heaven, the evel'laf.ting Tenants and and Free-holders of Grlf~e j fo as a Soul can deiire no f~ird Inheritance. than

cite Epi(Ue '.Dedicatory. than the Patrimony, Lot and Beritage of Free-Grate : Now, to this Grace commending your ~pu:ir, as an Hei1· of Gra~e, I. refr! !Our Honour! at all oG!t'ged Rejpeaivtneplltthe Go» of Grace. S. R. ol

. ' • The T A BL E of the C 0 N T E N T S of the 13 0 0 K. SERMON I. THE Scope, Order, r.nd Contents Df the Text Pag. I, 2. · Matthew and M11rk reconciled ; Properties of 'Chrijfs Love , , t"b. Why Clm'fl ft.:tfpendeth die Fruits of his Love 4 What Woman this was · lb. The Art of the wife Contexture of divine Providence, in Blacl~ and White, Fair and Foul, mix"d in one for Beauty"s f:1ke 5 Two Sicks of Providence ib. We err in looking on God's Ways by Halfs, efpecial.. lyon the black and fad Side only _, ' 6 SE R M 0 N II. Chrifl tool<: an human Wzll, that he might ftoop to God in all Things , ' 7 The Strength of corrupt Will l Two Thingc; in the Will: I. The Frame of it. . The Quality and Goodnefs ot it 8, 9 ·There's a Neceffity of renewing th~ Will The Difpenfarion of God, not Scripture, nor a Rule of Faith Io 1 I We trufr Poii~on of Chrifl: by Faith, more than' we do Right and Law,. through Faitn u

cJbe T A .B L E. SE R M 0 N III. How Chrift and his Grace cannot be hid, Iti fix Parti.•.' culars 1 Pag. I 2 1. In his Caufe 13 ~. In the good and evil CoQdition Spiritual of the Soul ib. 3· In the Joy of Chri£l's Prefence 14 4· In a ftncere Profeffion ib. 5· In th.e bearing down the Stirrings of a renewed Confc1ence . I 5 6. In Defertions. ' . r6 We are' to be obfequious and yielding -to· the Breathings of the Spirit . lh. Our Hearts are tQ be varioufly fuitable to the variou~ _ Operations of the Spirit, frotDr four Reafons I 7 Grace falleth on few I 8 Grace how rare and choice a Piece, in four Particulars - 19 Grace not uni11erfal and common to all ib. Nine Objections of the Arminian and natnral Man. Anfwered . z.o, z.r, 2.1. S i, R M 0~ N IV. Grace falleth often on the moft Gracelefs ' 2.2 Grace maketh a great Change, Three Reafons thereof 2.3 There's a 1ikeReafot'l for Grace on our Lord•s Part, to the vileft .of Men, as to Mofes; Dnniel, Paul .24 The fame Free-grace that we liave 1ere, we have it in Heaven in the State of Glory ib. In Heaven 'We reign by Grace, as by the fame we war here 25 The Jsjlified in Chrifl are cqrrected for in ib.· Xhe i urnace of Affiiction, th& Work-houfe of the ' Grace of Chrift; Four Grounds thereof z6 • .Mt·,

The TABLE. 1\ir. 7b1Pne's Afiertion of Grace • !' How .llntinomianr judge Sins to be correaed m th~ J ufl:ified , ib. How P11-pijls judge Sins to be puniflted iin the Juftified 2.9 ,That God puni1heth pardoned Sins, proved by feven Argurr.ents . . . 30 Rules to be obf«rved m Affiu~hon 34 A Land or a Nation muft be longer in the Fire than 1 one particular Perfon '3 o SE R M 0 N V. Satan worketh as a natural Agont without Moderation 37 Spiritual ~viis chafe few Men to Chrift;, three Grounds thereof 1 38 How Men naturally love the Devil ' 39 Satan, how an unclean Spirit · 40 It is true Wifdom to know God favingly ill. . What Hearing bringerh Souls ~o Chr1ft 41 Fuur Defects in Hearing , 1 4~ Hell coming to ~ur Senf<Js in this Life, 1hould not Caufe us oelieve without effeCtual Grace 43 It's good to _border near to Chrift' 44 SE R M 0 N VI. Crying in Prayer noceffary .45 Prayer fometimes wanteth Words, fo as Groarung goeth 'for Prayer 4 7 H ow many other Expreffions, betide vocal PrayinJ;11 go under tho Lieu of Praying in God"s..A.ccount '"·· Eight Objettions removed 48 te 5 :s Some Afteetions greater than Tears ib. Lo:>king up to Ideavcn J.>rayin' ib. B1·eathing Prayin' Th . 59 at

,- ~he T . A B L E. Thar wherein th~ Ieail: of Prayer, the Mm/mum qu•d fie· confifieth ib. ~roken Prayet's are Prayers 50, 5 I The Lord kno~eth NQnfenfe in a broken Spirit to be goodSen.fe "- 5 z. & E R M 0 N . VII. Why Chrifr fis called frequdntly the SorJ of DArvid; not fo, the Son of .Adam, of AbrAI:am · 53 Chrifi a King by Covenant 54 'VVhat Thing.s be in the Covenant of Grace ib. The Part·ies of the Covenant 55 Chrift hath a Sevenfold Relation to the Covenant. I. He is the Covenant itfelf. 2.. The Meffenger. 3· ThevV~rnefs. 4,.ThdSu.rety. 5· The·Mediator. 6. The Tefiator. 7· The principal Party ContraCter 56, to 6 I The Covenant made with Ch rift perfonall y, not myflically, prov·d ,from Ga/. .iii. 16. The contrary Reafans anfwererl 62. A Covenant between the Father and the Son pro.v· J ib. Of tbe Promifes of the Covt!nant - ib. Two Sorts of Promifes 64 Chrift took a new Covenant-right to God 65 Five &orts of Promifes made to Chrift, and by Proportion to us 66 S E R .M 0 N VIIL The Condition of the Covenant 67 ' Libertines dooy all Conditions of the Covenant ib. The new Cevenant bath Conditicps to be performed by us . 6S _Six Obj~ctions removed 69, 70, 7 I · A twQfold Domini9n of gracious and fupernatural Asrs 09 1 We

_ rt.M . T A 13 t ?• ; . .a. We are not ju£H6ed before we beh~ve, prov day ui Argnme.nts . 1 I i ! ~ A Condition taken irt a three-fold ~otlbii • ·. i.~. "Tis rlot a proper Condition .by w~y ,of ~~?a Wag~ arid Work; when weare f<UJ to be JUihfied and Ht.. ... ved Upon Conditien of Faith . lb, The fi;eedom; 2.. Eternity, ; . t*ll-ortlering of the eo.. ~· veriani:~ the thre!!! Properties t~~re~~ • . 1 5 Thct Freedom of fhe Covenant l$ f~en, ln regard, I 6. Of Perfons. 2. Of Caufe$. j• OfTime, 4· Of Manner of Difpenfation . tb: {ifes of the Doctrine of the Covenant 76j ( 7 SERMON IX. Chi:ift God and .M~n, and our Comfort therein ~s ' Chrifr irnniediate in the Act of Redeemin~ us, afid Fo' fweeter 12 ~hrlft incompat·able . if. FtiUr othei· n~ceffary Ufe~ -< 79~ So, $r, 82, 8; TB Believers all temporal Favours are fpirirualiz/d1 and \\rdfered 'With .Mercy; F~ur Grounds thereof ib. Dy . what Reafon our Father, as a Father; giveth us fplritual Things, by that famebegiveth us all Thing~ . 84 ~ercy originally in Chrifr, and how 8$ 8 ER M 0 N X .. P<il'eht's Affecripl\, their fplritual Pi.lty to Children 8; Thir~eri practical Rules in obferving Paflages of Divine Providence 88, s,, 90, 9r, 92, 6~ I. We are neither to lead1 nor to iHnf P1;ovidence ' ss 2. But to obferve G?~ in _ h~s W~Ays, arid not to lop~ to By-ways ofProv1dertce i~" 3. Omnipotency not laid down iri Pawn in any Means , . ib. 4· God walket bot irt the vVay tHat we imagine ib,. ·:f; 5~ Pro-

Th~ TABLE. 5· ~~·ovidence in ~ts Concaten~tion of Degrees, Ac· !Ions, Events, Is one c<>!ltlnued Contexture, go. mg along from the Creauon to the Day ofCbrii's fecond C:o.m~ng, wit~out one _b:ok.en ~hread 90 6. The Spmt Is to be m an lnlihfMrency m all Cafts of Providence 9 1 1 . i . Law Defires beft , ib. 8. We are to ly uhd€r Providence fubmiffively in ~1 ~ 9· Providence is~ Myfiery ib. I.e . Walketh in,UnccrtrG.inties toward us ib. · I I. Silence is better than difputing 9i I 2. It is good to confider both what is inflicted. and by whom , ib. 13 God a} ways afcendeth, even when fetond Caufes defcendeth . , SE R M 0 N XI. Every Temptation hatb its taking Power from tl1e . :teeming Goodnefs in it . . 9 3 Reafons why this was a Temptation to the Woman 94 The Scope of the Temptation to make the Tempted believe there is none like him ' 9 5 The Non-anfwering ofChrift, is an Anfwerin~ ih. Five Reafons of the Lord's not hearing of Prayer 96 ~even W ,ays Prayers are anfwercd 97 Praying in Faith always heard, even y;hen the Particular which we fuit in Prayct· is demed i~. Faith in one and the fame Prayer, feeketh and knocketh. and anfwereth, and openeth to irfelf 98 The Light of faving Faith, and the prophe_ti~al Lig~t of the Pen-men of the Word of God, d1fter not lit Specie and Nature 99 '1 'he Dcarefl not admitted u~to God at the firft Knock ib. ; SERMON X. N•ttal·al Men, ~nd cv;n the Rem•wea in Spirit, in fo' far

'fhe TABLE. far as there rmo~aineth fome Flt!-fu in them, are lgno.. rant of tsc Myfiery 4!)f aa affiicred Spirit - 100 Peace of Confcience is a Work of Cr..eation 10 I 'A Reafon why it is ili harQ to oonvince the Deferred ' IOZ Chrifr fwceter to the DeferreJ than all the W odd ib. Difference between God's Trying, and the Creature's Temptmg, in three Pofit~ons \ 103 A. Creature caonor pur a Fellow-creature to act Sin upon an Intention of trying him ib. In the Actions of Creatures we muft know, ~- ~i;. z. 5J.!!.:'d. 3. ~uare. t . Ulh~ co?mn_andfth .z. What. ; ; .And jor what Ehd? In God s Athons : It Is enough to know, ~is, Who, that is ']ehovah 104, 105 Four Doubts of the Tempted ' Iofi In the fi:lnding of Chrifl to the lofl Sheep of the Houfe of Ifrael, there be three Things confiderable: I. His Defignation. f-.- Qualification. 3· Commiffion 108 The Son moi fit to be .Mediator ib. &: 109 . l"low Owiff is qualified £b. His CommHlion ib. It is nor pr9perly Grace that we al'e born, it is Grace thar Chrift is bom ib. God'~ hidden Decree, and his revealed Will opened . Ill A twof~ld Intention in the' Pcomifes /b. How, and who are te> believe the Decree: of Reprobation concerning themfelve.s , · 111. SE R M 0 N XIII.' It is a Priviledge of Mercy that Chrt'ft is fent to the ']e~s £rfr . 1~2 N1ne Privileges of too J~lTJs • 1 loO"' The Hononr and Privileges. of BPitaz"u ll~ 'rhct Redeemed called Sheep upc;m Fo~Jr Grou~ds I 1.5 H <?w r~ffive th~ Rtdeemed are m the Way ro Heaven, 111 li1ve Pamcu £b. :f ' The

I 1 The . T A B L E. The; Saints m oft dependent Creature·s 1 r 5 How we know the Scripture to be theWord of God; two Grouncs, one ia the Subject, another in the · ib. , Fancy leatieth not the Saints, but Faith I r; How the Saints need a fre!h Supply of Grace. from Chrift, though they have a Habit and Srock ofGrace within them; prov'd by fix Reafons uS~ I 19 Grace and Glory but one continued Thread 1:2.~ T-.lwee Confiderations we are to have of God"s Work, in leading us te Heaven · ib. · Faith is both aB:ive and paflive "ib. Defertions have real Advancing in the Way to Heaven in eleven Particulars ib. m are not freed from Law DlreE!lo?Js I I 2 I Actual ~ondemnation may be, and is feparated from · the Law · · . ib. Two Objections r.em?ved _. ib. How Works of Hohnefs conduce1:o Salvation, three Thin~s herein to be diflingui!hed ib. We are to do good Works, both from the Principle of , Law and Love 12.4 Other three Objections removed 1 ib. Of the Letter both of Law and Gofpel ; diverfe Er... ' tors of Libertines toucbting the Point . ib . The Scripture~re not to be condemned, becaufe th~y profit not without the Teaching of the Spirit; prov·d by Three Reafons 1\ I:.. 5 Repentance different fr_pm Faith, proved againfr Liberti7;es I z 7 1 -. Repentance thefame in the Old and New Teflament 12i SERMON XIV. · In what Senfe Chrifr came .to·fave the Loft ~1"~ A twofold .~,'reparation for Chrifr, to be con6dered i!J. Conver{JOn is done by foregoing Preparati6ns, and fucoellively, . proved by Four Reafon 13'j Serife of Poverty fitredr f.or Chl'ift 1 I 52 , · The

The TABLE. The ObjeB:ions of D. Crifpe removed ; Sinners, as Sinners, not fit to receive Chrift I 33 ·· How Bhrift belongs to Sinners under ' the Notion ?f Sinners ' zb. How the Spirit aCts.moft. in the Saints, when they endeavour leait . I 34 The Marrow of LibePtinzfm to ?tegleff Sanffi{kation, a_nd - to wallow in flefb!y Lufls • - • • • 1b• Chrift's Death mak:eth us acrxve m Dunes of Hohnef'S. ·proved from three Grounds I 3 6 How Chrift ~~eepeth llS fro~ Sin I 3 1 S ·E R .l\1 0 N XV. Eight ne~efi"at;y Duties required .of a Believer unrlar Defert10n, 1. Patience. 2. . Faith, &c. . 1.3 7 Hope prophefieth glad Tidings at .¥id-night 139 It is a blefTed Mark, when Temptations chafeth not a Soul from Duties, illuftrated in three Cafes · 14~ It arguerh three good Things. to go on in.Outies under a Temptation · 144 Antinomians take Men oif Dutie~ 145 Chrift tempted cannot Sin;· Saints tempted dare not fin . 146 Faidt traffiqueth withHeaven ia the faddeft Srorms 147 S E R 1\1 0 N XVI. ·~ational Sins may ~ccnr to the Confcience of the Child of God, in his Approach to God 148 A fubtile humble 'Pride, the Difeafe of wea'k Ones, who dare not apply th~ Promifes 15 I Senfe of Free-grace pumbleth eJ~:ceedingly ifl. How fa1.1 forth Confcieace of W retchednefs hindreth any to come to Chrift I 5 z Whoever doubteth if God will fave him~ doubteth al- . fo if God can fave him I 54 .t;.m keepctl4 not ,the Door of Ckrlft to hold out the Sinn~r · 155 f 3 Senfe

'I/Je T A B L E. ~enfe of Sin, and Senfe of the Grace of Carift, may <:onfift , I 55 Boly Walking, and Chrift's Excellency.,; may both be felt by the Believer. H0ly Walking conftderedt as, I. A Duty. 2. kMean 3· A Thing promifed in the Covenant 6f Grace ih. How ~e may,collect our State and Condition from holy \IValking 157 The Error of D Crifps, and .Antinomians herein ib. Chrifl: a great Houilio1der I; 9 ( ..... The Privilege of the Children of the Houfe ib. Chriil: the Bread of Life ib. Communion between the Children, and the fidl: Heit" Chrifi, in Five Particulars 16p The Spirit of an Heit· and of a Servant z'b. There is a '1 Seed of Hope ~nd Comforts in the hardeft Def:ttions of the Saints, in three Pa'rticula1·es iHu, tlra\ed k' I S ER 1\1 Q .N XVII, Grace maketh Qlicknefs and VVittinefs of heavenly Reafoning 1.S3 Faith contradiCteth Chr&fl tempting, but. humbly and modefl:l y . I 64 The Saint~ may difpute their State with Chl'ifl, when they date nor dilpme rbeit· Actions 16 5 We arc to accept, humbly, and with Patience, of a wakened Conicience, but ·not to feck <. iorrningCon- .fcience ib. True Ht~mility, and its Way, in feven Panicula1·s. See the Place ' ib. E.ow we are ·to efreem every Man better than ourfel ves !69 The preud Man knO\~n afar off ' ib. Gracr;::'s 'L9wlinei; in takinf! Notice of Sinners iv. Ca'uks ot Um~1ankfulncfs 0 ' 1 ~I A jufiified Sou~ is to confefs·Sin, proved by three Argnm~nts I 7 ~ And

:!'he T ABL E. And ro mourn for Sin by dive:fe Reaf~ns I i 4 If web: not to mourn for Sm committed, belcaufe It is pardoned, oor fhould our Will b~ avcrfe fret;l the committing of it ; becaufe before 1t be commuted, ic is alfo pardoned, as Antinomianr teach I i 6 Libertiner confpire w;_,h Papiflr; in the Doctrine of Ju.. fiification ' 1 7 S I SE R M 0 N XVIII. How Sins ar~ removed in Juftification, how not Ii9 There remaineth Sin formapy in the Juftified, proved by S~x Argumen~s . . I 80 How Sm dwellerh 10 us after we are JUfilfied ib. A Twofold Removal _of Sin, Qne Moral or L 1 egal in J ufiification, another phyfical in ·our SanCtification I8I 'l"he Difference between the Removal of Sin in J uftification, and its Removal in San&:ification ~ 185 Seven Grounds why Sin dwelleth fEll in the juf.Hfied Perfon 187 How Sins paft, preknt and to come, are pardon'd in Jufiification I 9 4 There's a Twofold Confideration of Ju!Hfication, but not two Jufiifications , ib. Sins in thiee divet·s Refpects are taken away, (j.CCOrding to Scripture . ib. Cht·ifi's Sanctification performed on the CrofS for Sin is not formally Jufiifi~ati~n, but only caufatively: fundamentally, or me.rwmoufly I 9 5 There's a Changa in J ufiification 19 7 How Sins not committed are remitted ib. T here is but one Jnfi:ifical:ion of a Jieliever, illufhatcd by aComparilo11 ... x 9s The_r~·s ~ Difference between Pat·don of Sin, the Juthticatlon cf the Perfon, and r~,e repeated Senfe of the Pat·don , 1 · i/; , Jufl:ifying Faith is fome other Thing ,than the Sep.f; of J ufl:ification 2. 0 1 :t- 4 How

·;J .~ · · '" 1'hQ 'l" A B It Er flow Fear, or ~opt!, or- RGW11+4 gf Glpry fl4ve lpflq~ ence iq OUr holy w~~k!n9 . +.C0 Qbje~ioq~ f!!fnOy~q ~o~ $ ~ R J\f 0 N. X~XThe J..orti J~f!l"! h (q m~4~ ~h~ Sfnn~I· in fuff~dng for tiin, as ther~ r~m~in~th JlQ ~in jn th~ Sinn~r ppce pardop{:d1 ~~ dntirmni~'IU t~~~hl ~fp;ci<!Uy PoCto11 Crififl 2.0j ~is \0' lai~ QJ+ Ghrift·, ~~ ~hat h l@!W~fh not otf ~Q be our Sin 2o6 'fhe Guilt of &I~ ~nq ~in i~f~l~ fH'~ nPt qn~ an~ rh~ fa~e Thing ~q9 ~n inh~;r~n~ ~lpt fq Sin, f!nq th~ GPilt ~qq Pr;l?t of Sin ' ib. Two Things ia Debt, as in Sin · ~ r:o! Th~ Bl•r of Sin, tw0 Ways qonfider~d ikt A twofold Guilt in Sin, one intrinlical, and of. the faqlt ~ ano~her ef dfe r~nij}lme11t~ and extrinfica~ I ~12 Reaf~ms wlily Sin, ~nq rhe Gqih .{lf $in ~aqqQt be th~ fame ' ' 2Il Chrift not int1·infically the Sinner 2r(i Imputation of Sin, no Imagination, no Lie 2 r; :Jleafons proving that Chrift ~·as not in~rin4call y anq formaUy the Sinne~ ' ~~ 8 What Riglireoufnefs of Chrift is made oqrs ~ 2 ~ The Bdictver how righteous as Chrift, hew not ib: Chrift's bcarirg of our Sins by a frequent Hebraifm in Scriptt]re, is to bear ma Punifhm~nt due to our Sins~ and not to bear the intrin{jcal Blot pf our OlQS -~ 3 6 Hr>w Chrill is in our Place ib• .flow the Debtov and th~ Surety b\! one iq L~w~ and' not inrrinficall y one 23 z A pet'pl~xed Confcience, in a ·:ood Senfe, i~ lawfully confifient with a jufrified Sinner's Condition 23 3 .,._ conditiohal Feat· of etemal VVrath required in ~e Juftiflep, but not an abiOlute Fear, ~nd yet Trou-.: . . ~I~

The TABLE. ~l~ of Mind for the indwelling Qf Sin is required 2.3~ S :e R 1\1 0 N . XX. Thf:; Ccmfcience, in Clirifl:, is freed frorp Sin, that. is, fi·pm atl;qal Condemnation, but not from incurrmg {iod~s D~fple~fure by the Breach of a Law, if the Believer fin 237 lam r~ believ~ the Remillion of thefe fame very Sins; which I am to confefs with Sorrow t40 Ei~ht Caf~s of Confcience refolved from . th~ form'er ·-·· l!:) . pq&r!ne . ib, Hgw we are to forrow for pardoned Sin Z-43 TP D@ juil:ifie4 i~ a· State of Bappinefs moft defireable, / !Hqftrat~q from the; .eternity of , rh~ Debt of Sin I 244 'fh~ fmall5fl: and worfl: Things of Chrift are incompa.:. rably ;1hcm: th~ mofl: ~xcellent Things on Earth, illufhated in fix: pa.,rticulars · 245 What 111u£t Chria himfelf b~, when the worft Things of Chrifl: are fo defireable! 24 7 Th& Excelhmcy of Chrift further illuflrated, and the Fulln~fs of our C~oice evidencqd 25 I Hovr to efl:e~m of Chrift, iUuftrated in four Grounds . 252 Degrees of Perfons YO\~ng~r !l,nd ol€ler in G,rac~, in o.u: Lord_'s ~oufe . . 254 (]hrijt 's Family Is a growing F~mtly 258 God br!ngeth great: and heavenly Works out of the Day of fmall T.hings ib. ·we are to deal t~qderl y with w~ak ones~ upQn fix Con~ ftd~rationl! · ·· ~6o, :z.6 r sE R MaN xxr. · T~e P_revel\lncy of inftan~ Pr11,yer put forth utton God • .m etght ACts ' 262. Prayer mov~th ~nd fiirreth all·.Wheels in Heaven anJ. ' t:arth ~G3; ~~4, 2.65, ~66, ~Gi, 2.68 Fire

crhe T A B L E. Five Things concerning Faith 2.70 There is tt Preparation going befora Faith ib. There is no neceffary Conriecrion between Preparations going before Faith, and Faith 271 Aft~B:ions ~oing before Faith and following aftera dlfter fpecifically, and not gradually only ib; All are alike unfit for Converfion z i z. Some nearer Converfion than others 2 i; Three Gl'ounds or Motives of Believing ib. Glory, ~nd Chrift the Hope of Glory, ftrong Motives of Believing 2 H Fairh·s Objeet, the Marrovr of God's Attributes, to · fpeak fo 2j 5 Faith a catholick Grace required in all our ACtions natural and dvil, as well as fi)idtual 276 Chriffianity how an operous Work 2. 77 The fix Ingredients of Faith , 2i? · Faith turneth all om:Acts which are terminated on the Creature, in110 half Acts 18r Fa!th ·hath hve Notes of Di~e~·ence in doling with the Promife 28i Literal Knowledge wm·kfth as a natural Agent 28.9 Warr:1.nts of Applying, fet down in five Pofitions 290 Eight Ingredientsof a counterfeit Faith 2.97 S E R M 0 N XXII. Thirteen Marks or Ingt·edients of a fii·ong Faith, and how w difcern a weak Faith 300 1 . Strong Praying, a Note of flrong Faith sot 2 . Infram Pleading, a Note aJfo ib. Strength of Grace required in Believing ib. Chiihewardeth Grace with Grace 302 How Grace beginneth all fupernatural Acts 303 Four Reafons why Grace in the Work of Faith mufr ?egih, and fo begin, as we are guilty in not followIng . . ' ;a4 Gr:zce ts oue the Saints, and to them; but Glory is on t~1ern, but not to them 306 There

'The T 1A B L E. There is a promifing of bowing and predeterminating G1·ace made to fupernatm·al ACts, yet fo as God re.. ferv«th his own· Liberty: r. How. 2 .. When. .3· In whal Mr:a{ure he doth co-operate w1th the Behever in thefe Acts 305, 306' Gra<;;e to an Angel necefiary to prevent poffible Sins 1 iL. g.. N~e of a firong Faith not to be broken withTemp.. tarions ib. · 4> Faith fraying on God wi:hout Light of Comfort, a firong Faith . . 3 ro. 5. The fawer Externals that Fauh needeth, the flronger ir is within ' 3 I I Comforts are Externals t:> Faith ih. Spmc Cautions in this, that :Wme believe fironglywithout the Help of Comforts ib. Reaions why divers of God·s Children die without Comfort . 3 11. S E R M 0 N XXIII. The more of . the Word and the le[<: of Reafon, the lhonger Faith is , . . ; r; 6 A Faith that can forgo much for Chnft, ts a fhong Fa~h 314 i. It is a !hong Faith to pray and 13elieve, when God fi~emeth to f·orbid Pl'aying 316 8. Great Boldne[c; arguetl1 g ·eat Faith ib. 9· To rejoice i-n Tdbulation :; l 7 1o. To wait on with l'ong P:nience :; r8 11. A humble Faith is a thong Faidt ~ ( ?! 12 . A fhong Defire of Communion with Chrifi: w. 1 3·, ~trengtl~ of wod.:ing by Love, ::u·gneth a l±mng .J:! anh . 2 · A great Faith is not fi·ee of Doubtings ';#~. Divers Scns of Doub[ings oppofit~ w Faith :; 2.4. Some I?oubting a bad Thing in idea: yt!r pe,· acc:~~'ens ;wci 111 regard of the Pedon, and Conco.-nj\anr;.; , a. goCJd Sign, and arguetl1 fcundCJra<i:e . ' , 3 2-;o Vi

.. The TABLE. Of a weak Faith 3 2.5 ' Negative Adherence to Chrift, not fufficient to faving ~~ . ~ A fuffering Faith a thong Faith 3 2 7 faith, in regard of Intention, weal{, may be thong in regard of Exrention, in three Relations r p8 The loweft Ebb of a fainting Faith . 3 29 What ot Chl;'ift remained11 in ~he lowet1: Ebb ef a ; . fainting Faith B o S E R M 0 N XXIV. A Stock of Grace is within the Saints, our Grace is not all ~nd wholly in C~rifr, though it be all fi·om ChnO: • ·• 33; The Powers of the Soul rernam whole m Convei:'liori • . 33,4 The frock of Grace ts to be warr1ly kept ib. Four Things are to pe done to keep the frock without a Craz.e B6 The Tendernefs of Chtift's Heart, and fir(!ngth of Love toward finners . 33 7 Chdfi firong in mor~l Acts, and ftrongly moderate in natural AGl:s : The contrary ~s in natural Men 34l Chrifi's Motion of tender Mercy as it were natural ib. How Mercy worketh eternally, :and fect·etly, and under Ground, even under a bloody Difpenfation fb. Judgment on the two Kingdoms except they repeat • 34~ A rough Difpenfation confiftent wuh Tendcrnefs of Love in our Lord 3H Free Love goeth before our Redemption 345 Chrift loveth the Perfons of the EleCt, but hareth their fins i/,. A _twofold Love of Gocl, one of Good-will tO' the Pet·- fcm, another of Cornp,lacency to his own Image in the Perfon ib~ No new Love in God 346 Ob..

~he TAB :LE. ObjeB:ions of Mr. Denne the .Anti1iomiim anfwered 341 What it is to be und;r the Law 348 How God loveth us before Time)· and how he now loveth us in Time j 5 I By Faith and Converfion our fhat~ is tr~Iy changed before God ' . ' 3 5; To be ju{Hfied by Faith, is not barely to come to the Knowledge that we are juftified before we believe 356 Juflifttatz'on not Eternal . , 3 51 Fauh is not only given for our Joy and Confolation ; but alfo for our Jufrification, both in our own Soul and before God · 3 oo There's no Warrant in Scripture for two Reconciliations; one of Man's Reconciliation to God, ap.d anothet· of God's Reconciliation to Man 364 Chrifr merits no Caufe, but an Effect of God'seternal Love i5.• What Reconciliation is . 3 6 j Joy without all forrow for fin, no Fruit of the Kingdom of God .{b,; The 'feeing of Goel, Heb. xii. 14. and the Kingdom. · I Cor. VI. John iii 3· not the Kmgdom of Grace~ . ~~~ry 3" All Aets of Blood, and rough Dealing in God to his own Atts of Mercy ihd SE R M 0 N XXV. Ornnipotency hath Influence on, 1. Sat:m. l. Difeafes. 3· Stark Death. 4· Mother-ncthing. 5·· On all Creatures. 6. On fin, to fpeak to them Ob d . . 1 p . 'L c . . . 369 e _Ientla o~er m tae reatton, what It IS 3 70 Ommpotency 1-s ( as it ~ere) a Servant to Faidt 1 We wor.fhip a dependeut God

.. .. 'fhe TABLE. We have Need ef the Devil and other Temptations for our Humiliation . ; i6 ltllmediate Mercies are the fweeteft Mercies, cleared, 1. In Chrift. 2. Grace. ;. Glory. 4 · Comfort 5. The rareft ofGod's Works ih The Deceitfulnefs e>f oUt: <fontidence, when God and the Creature are joined in one Work 384 S E R M 0 N XXVI. Chri!l, in four Relations, bath Dominion over Devus ~87 Satan goeth no where without a Pafs 590 We ofr~s fign Satan's conditional Pafs ih• A ' renewed Will iri a l'enewed Man ~93 :Eight Pofitions concerning the Will and Affections ib. A civil Will is not a fanettfi.ed Will {{J. The yielding of the Soul to God, and to his Light, a fpecial Note of a renewed Will "'9 5 Affettions fanctHied, efpecially Defires 'iv~ The le!s Mixture in the Afteetions, the ftr()nger are th~ir Operations ' ih. };lind and Afietl:ious do reciprocally vitiate one another ~ . . Spiritqal DeGres feek 1natural Things fpiritually ; Carnal Deftres feek fpiritual Things natupll y 396 Gbd fubmitteth his Liberality of Grace to tb~:: Mea:-- fure of a fanB:ified Will, ia four Confiderarions i/J. Our Affections in their AB:s and Comprehenfion, are fal' below fpiritual Objects, Chrifr and Heaven 397 M~re in Chrift and Heaven than o~ Faith can reach in this Life · 398 I

7'he TABLE. S ER M 0 N XXVII. . Satan not caft out of a Land or a Perfon, bitt by Vio... lcnce, both tq Satan and . th~ Party, amplified in _ four Confiderationi 400 Falfe Peace known / 40~ A roaring and a ragingDevi\ is better than a calm and a fl«ping Devil . 403 God's Way of Hardening, as it is myfterious, fo it is iilentand invifible 405, 406 I • THE '•

I The TRIAL and TRIUMPH of FAITHo ... SF.RMON 1. M A R 1~ vij. 24. And from t/Jente he arofe, ·a~d went into the borders of 'Ij~ re and Sidon, and went into an houfe, and would that no man jhouZd !wow it.: but he could not be hid. MATTH. xv.-z.I. c_r'hen J~fus ctvent thence, ancl came into the coafls of 'JYre and Sidon. V. 22. A nd behold, a 'U.'oman of Canaan came out of thefome coafls, ~tnd cried unto him, Jaying., Have mercy on me, 0 Lord, thou So!J of V avid, f or my daughter is grievoufly vexed with a deviL · MARK Vl l. 2 5· For a certain woman t:.vhojey oung · (li t tle dauy:,hter) had an unclean fpirit, heard of him, and came a~d felt at hi s feet. V. 26. ( The wcman was a Greek, a Syropha;n.lcian bJI nation) and Jbe befouy;ht him, that he I · would cafl forth the devit ottt of her daugbter. .1 T Hr s Text being with-child ofFree Gr 'ce, . holdeth forth to us a Miracle of 1\'ote; and becauie Chrift is in the Work in an eminent Manner, and there is here alfo much of Chrifi's new C~·e;tion, and a . Floo~ plant- ~d _o nd_ watere? by Chrlit s. own _H.:nd, a Itr~ng FaJth m a try d Woma~' 1t rcquiretl1 the b~nd , ng of our Heart to Attentton: For, to any 1eeki ng A ~efu~

The Triat and SERM. i Jefus Chrifl:, Text crieth, Come and·fee. The \Vo~ds, fo~ their Scope, drive at the wakening of Believers, m Praying (when an Anfwer is not giv· en at the firft) to a fixed and refi.)l ved lying and dyi!lg at Ch:ift's Door, by continuing in Prayer wh1le the Kmg come out and open, and anfwer the Defire of the Hungry and Poor. z.: For the Su~jeB:, they are a Hiftory of a rare Miracle, wrought by Chrift, in cafting forth a Devil out of the Daughter of a Woman of Canaan: And for Chrift ro throw the Devil out of a Canaanite, was very like the white Banner of Chrift's Love difpl~yed to the Nations, and the King's Royal Standard fet tlp to gather in -the Heathen under his CQlours. The Parts of the l\1iracle are, I. The Place where it w~swrought, .Af{tt.I 5.21• 2.. The Parties on whom, the Morher and the po:ffef.,'d Daughter: !he's defcrib'd by her Nation. 3· The impulfive Caufe, jhe hearing came, and prayed to Jefus for her little Daughter: In which there is a Di alegue between Chrift and theWoman, containing Chrift's trying of her, 1. with no An1\ver. 2. with a Refufal. ~· with. the Reproach of a Dog. 4· Her Infl:ancy of Faith, 1. In crying till the Difciples interpo1ed themfehes. 2. Her going on in adoring. 3· Praying. 4· Arguing_ by Fa~th with Chrilt, that Jhe had forne lnterefi m Chnfi, tho' a:non~ft the Dogs; yet withal, (as Grace ~ath no ev1l Eye) ·not envying becaufe the Mornmg- :Market of Chrift, and the high Table was the :Je·ws due, as the King's Children; !o llie might be amongft the ~ogs, to eat the Crztmbs unde1· Chrift's Table: Knowing that the very Refufe of Chrift is more excc:'llent than ten Worlds. 4· The Miracle itfelf, wrought by the Wom_an's · Faith· - . '

SERM· t Triumph of Faith. . 3 Faith. in whieh we have Chrift's heightning ofher Faith.' 2. The Granting of her Defire. 1· The Meafure of Chrift's Bounty, as thow wilt. 4· The heating of her 'IJaughter. . . · . . Mark faith, that the Woman eame to Chrtft m a Houfe: A1atthew feetneth to fay; that fhe came to him in the way, as thefe Words do make goodt Send her a~ay,jor jbe crieth after us Augufli?Ze thinketh, that the Woman firft came to Chrlfl: while he was in the Houfe, and defired to be hid, either becaufe he did not (for offending the Yews) epenly offer himfdf to the Gentiles, having for· bidden hts Difciples to go to the Samaritans; or, becaufe he would have his Glory hid for a Time;. or rather, of purpofc he did. hid himfelf from the Woman, that her Faith might find him out; and then refufing to anfwer the Woman in the Houie~ fue frill f.olloweth him in the \Nay, and crieth after him, as Matth faith: For Chrift's Love is, t • .uberal; but yet it muft be fuited : And Chrift tho' he fell not .his :Love for the Pennyworth of our Sweating and Pains~ yet muft we rlie low for fuch :a Gold-mine as Chrift. 2. Chrift s Love is wife: He holdeth us knocking, while our Defire be Love-fick for him, and kn~oweth that Delays raifeth ~nd heightneth the Market and Rate of Chrift! We under-rate any thing that is at our Elbow. Should Chrift throw himfelf in our BofiJm and Lap, while we are in a Morning-fleep, he ihould not have the Marrow and flower of our Efteetn : ;Tis good t~ere be fome Fire in us meeting with Water, while we feek after Chrift 3· His Love, mufi not only lead the Heart but alfo draw: Vi- ?le~ce ~n Love is moft takt~g, a-nd Delays of enJoymg io-lov~ly a Thing as Chri-ft, brcedeth VioA 2 lem:e

"' .. 4 The Trial and SERM. 1 lenc~ in our Affetlions ; and Snfpenfion of Prefence o\ leth tne Wheels of Love, Defire, Joy: Want of Chri fl: is a Wing to the Soul. Interpreters ask what \Voman flw was? Jl1atthew faith, A Ctmaanite, not of any graciou.s Blood, a SJWCphrn;ician; nJr Syrophanicia was m the Border between. Palefline and S.yria; and it was now inhabited by the R.eliq ues of ~he Canaanites; a Greek, not by Birth, but becaufeofthe Greek Tongue, and Rite& brouoht thith~r by Alexander and the fucceeding Kin!?'~ of Syria. ~ll th~ Gentiles go under th~ Na;e of Greeks m Scnpture-Language, as, Rom. I. 14. Gat. 3· 28. 1 Cor. I. 22, 24. not, becaufe they are all Greeks by Nation and B~ood; but, becaufe Con- · queft, Language and Cufl:oms ftand for Blood and Birth: However, it ft.andeth as no BJemifh in Chrrfc's Compt-book, who was you r Father, whether an Amorite, or an Hittite, fo ye come to' him, he asketh not whofe ydu are, fo you be his; nor who is your Rtther, io you will be his Brother, and be of his Houie. Afi:trk. 7· 24. And from thence he arofe, and ~:xent into the bonJers of '.Tyre and Si don. . Chrift weCJ,ried of .7uJea, had been grievedin S~rit with tl.e Hypocri:G.e of the Pbarifees, and the Provocation of that fiiff necked People. He was chafed a- \v-ay to tl1e profime Pagans. The Hardening of the · ..7e::zt·s nuketh way to Chrift's £rft and young Love ·..~pon the Gentiles. Chrift doth but draw by a L<lp of the Curtain of Separation, and look thro1.1gh .to one believing Heathen: The King o- -pencth one little \Vindow and hold~th out his.Face, in one Glimp:ie tn the Woman ofCanaan; ioChrfi's \Vorks of deep I~rovidence are free Mercy, and pure J uili~c intenv.oven, making one vVeb. He departeth - ~m