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SE F.. 1 3 Tr1umph of Faitb J '2 r are at a Stand, and then 'tis thus: 1 /aid, 1 am cafl out of his fight, yet other Wheds an: moving, as 1. Humble and bafe Thoughts ofh1mfel£ !.. Broad and large Thoughts of Chriit, and his Grace, 3· Hunger and longing for Chrift. 4. Self-diffidence is much. 5 ~ Care and Love-fickneis (Saw you him, whom l'iZJ Sbut loveth) is vehement. 6. Senfe ofSin, and t>f wants and fpiritual Proverty increafeth now. 7. Senie of the Mifery of the Cornbate, is much more then before: 0 miftrabte 111an that 1 am! &c. 8. Believmg under hope, and again.ft hope, is ftrongeft now. 9· There's more: Tendernefs and humble F~ar now then before~ 10. A {honger R.efolution to entertain Chrift more kind1_y, w~en he fhall return again in his fulnfs of Prefence. I 1. Sorrow, that remembring he faid, .2i1y Head is fuU of g)e:zv., and my Locks "'.Vith the Vrops of the Night, Cant. 5· 6. Yet the heeping Soul'kept hi-m at the 1 Door. 3· We are to adore that Difpenfation who will have us not ftepping one Foot to Heaven, but upon Grace & upon Graces charges ; he could make Saints to be finlefs Angels : But what hafte? We fhould then, not yet being habituated with ,Glory, nor confirmed in Heaven, think little of Chrift. Ufe. :.. If we befo dependent on Chrift, we have not ended with all Law-directions, the Law ftandeth us yet in good Ufe; I mean, when Chrift bath made us and the law Friends, and bath rem0ved theCurfe, and made the .Believer fay;O bow love 1 thy Law. ·, Obj. 1. Can you (faith M. 'TOwn) fe_parate the 'JJireCiing or ccmmp.ncling P~'Wer of the Law, , jrou~ \t' . ,·