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StR.; 16 ,.... rT'riumph of Faith · · If' from holy walking, as 'tis thred, and linked to the Promife, we then refufe Chrift, efJ>t>cia11y under Defertion, we bid Chrjft look awa,y from us; and there's a Wilfulnefs ofunbdievingrf<>rrow, fo that Rachet will not be comforted : But when we refufe Chrift's Comforrs,we refuie himff.lf; fhe who refufeth to accept a Bracelet, or a Gdld-rin~ fro1-a him who fi1iteth her m MarriaQe, fhe refuieth bmh his Love, & bimidt: in th.l.t lhe refufeth his Love-token. · Obferve alfi>, that Chrift bringeth h;~ufelf in, as a great Houfe-holder in the Goipel : In his Houfe there be divers Children, Servanrs, Dogs, and the Houfe is broad, and oprn to a 11 .that ·.comes : Thert;'s Bread in our Father's Houfe for all: What Bread ~ ~ A grt>at Mar. iiige· Supper: Here's a King's Son married, 111atth. xxii. T uke · t .'xiv. and many excellent Darntiet, and a11 Dd. inties is Chrift the Marrow ot the Gob d th ' t ' Bread of Life, .7oh. vi. 48. I 11m that 'Bread of Life: He was the Wheat, 7oh. xii. 24. That oieth and rotteth in the p arth, apd ·hen taketh' Jjfe,' and brin~rth ft ~rth Fruit: H! is the Whe~tthat fuffered tpe Wmter Froil:s and Storms, Ram and Winlls, fand went throu v.h the Mil fl:ones of Go.J's Wt:ath, and was br-ui{ed{or our Jniqt-tities, Ha. iii. 5· For it ptea(fd the lord to bruifo him, vet·. 10. [Vakkeo,] is ContundPre, to grind as in a Morter, or Mill : And he went through the Oven and fiery Furnace of the Anger of God, before he could 'be Bread for the Ki~g's Tab]e, and the Children. 2.. Every Bread ts not Bread ofChildren: Chrift is not a Loaf, nor a Feaft, for the Man that wanteth his Wedding-garment: Such a Fritond was never invited to the Banquet, Natth!