Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

-Age= *3+:gi/d.1vtit.r'sAäriY*: -:49tt`tárr,t' 4..1'.a .:d .. -_. °.:..r...+------ ,. . molt a meere Peripateticke in my fludáes. For poore nie onely it is finfu. to hope, or accept abi= lities Jo much 44 may afford an AmanuenGs to take my 17-iaates. Scilicet, God naoiles ,where he ìrftfèates vs. Himbeät, my foecifaue houres, if ficknefs, or prefénter paynes afford any, I promue to be wholly iu ployed that 1)ay. Meane wbil e, if anyes thir bee as that of him in his flight ,hee may perhaps in theft Homi- lies ad populum nde,what to thirf l' may a ord,if not f ïveetnefs, yet fauaur. 'rayinghelpe of thyprayers, Thine in the Lord, William Sclater.