Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

VER.I. IpI THE SECON D CHAPTER OF THE FIRST EPISTLE TO T THESSALONIANS. VERS. I. For yourfelacs, Brethren, i' ore ourentranceinvntoyouthat it Wad not valve. His Chapter propounds new Arguments of per - feuerance ; in number two. Fi: ft, from the gracíoufnetfe oldie in- ftumenr,by which they were brought to the Faith, ad Vert 13. Secondly , from the experience themfclues had had of the power and efficacieof the Do- etrOie of Faith ; inde ad pions. ie Context (lands thus; he had laid Chap. i.9.that the C:hurcfies of God curry where rooke notice cf, and declared the due, and fruit of Pods firft Minifterie, H 3 amongll