Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

92 LORD, OR JEHOVAH, &e. Moderation of Sentiment and Language, when treating of this profound and important Subjeft. The Obfer- vation o£ St. AuJtin is true; nec periculofiùs alicubi erra- tur, nec laboriofiùs aliquid qu eritur, nec frul?uofiùs ali- quid invenitur; * " no Point is to be miffaken with more Danger, none to be ftudied with more Diligence, none to be underftood with more Profit." It is never more eafy to err, than in the dark. And if Men re-, je& the Light of JEHOVAH (the Revelationof his Will), and choofe rather to walk by the feeble Glimmerings of their own Reafon ; how is it poffible for them, in the midff of that Obfcurity of which every Man muff complain, to be fure of travelling in the right Way ? If the Matter tranfcend all human Underftanding ; how can human Underftanding prefume to guide ? If the Subje& be altogether infinite and divine ; what lefs than a Mind, entirely divine and infinite, can define any thing concerning itfelf, or communicate a juft Defini- tion to the Creatures ? And if Men cannot do what is leaft, by fpecifying the Principles of fenfible Objets; how can they perform what is greateff of all, in explain- ing thole Properties, of which Senfe affords no Demon- ítration ? It is a Pofition, which neither human nor diabolic Sophiftry can refute, that SOD by his Name JEHOVAH hath revealed, that He independently, and eter- nally, exifts; and, by other Denominations, that He exifts in a Perfonality : And it is the Summit of human Wif- dom to receive this Teftimony of GOD (to which it can bring nothing fuperior), concerninghis own Nature; both becaufe it is impoblefor Him to lie and of courfe to deceive us, and becaufe on giving Credence to his Word depends all our Comfort and Happinefs both here and hereafter. The Infidel, on the other hand, attempts to rob us of this true Knowledge of GOD, and the Happinefs refulting from it; but cannot fup- ply its Place with any well - grounded Opinion of the Deity, or with any juff Profpeft of our everlafting In- Zech. xii. io. tereft