Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

LORD, oR JEHOVAH,, &c. 93 thre in Him. He would remove every folid Founda- tion, and leave us to build our Hopes on nothing but Air. Our Tranflators have ufually rendered the Name JaI4OvAH by the Word LORD, which implies Power and Dominion: But as this is fo very inferior to the complete Ideaof the original Word, and as perhaps no one Word in any Language can convey that Idea ; it might have been better to have retained the original Name wherever it occurs, and given a fhort Elucida- tion of its Import in a Note where it is firft mentioned in the Book of Genefis. * It is however diftinguifhed by capital Letters from the Name Adonai, alto tranfla- ted Lord, which Rands in the common CharaEters. The DiftinEtion may be obferved in the firft Verfe of the cxth Pfalm, and many other Places. This glorious Name, incommunicable to any of the Creatures, is applied to each and to all the Perfons in the facred Trinity throughout the Scriptures. Hence we may learn, as well as by other Declarations, that every Perfon is by Himfelf both GOD and LORD, and confequently able to fulfil refpeEtively the Engagements of the everlafting Covenant made in our Behalf. It is applied to the FATHER, as Creator, in Ifaiah lx. a6. and lxiii. 7, 8, 9. To the SON, as Redeemer, in Ifaiah lx. 16. and lxiii. 7, 8, 9. To the SPIRIT, as the divine Agent, Ifaiah, lxi. I, 2, 3. To the THREE PERSONS together, or Trinity inUnity, Deut. vi. 4. There are other al- moft numberlefs Paffages in the Scripture, in which the diflincî Operations of each Perlon are fet forth; but, at the fame Time, in undivided Effence. If this Name, therefore, be applied to the MESSrAN in the facred Writings, it conftitutes an irrefragable Proof of his Divinity from ari infallible Evidence. And that it is fo applied, there are many Inftances which cannot be denied; two or three of which may proba- bly fuffiçe for our Purpofe. * See the fame Remark, refpefting the Word GOD, in that ex- cellent Volume of Sermons, upon the Law and Go el, by the Rev. Mr. Romaine. Serra. viii. p. 2¢5 yeremiab