Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

94. LORD, OR JEHOVAH, &c. Jeremiah prophefied, that a righteous Branch fhoùld be railed to David; a King, in whole Days Judah fhould be faved, and whofe Name fhould be called JEHOVAH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.* Both Jews. and Chriftians ap= ply this to the Me/áh ; and indeed it cannot pofl'ibly be underftood of any other. For Chrift alone is our Righteoufnefs, as well as Wifdom, Sanftification and Redemption. 1- The Me /ah, therefore, is JEHOVAH. An equally ftriking Proof of the Me /ah's Divinity may be found in the xliii. Chapter of Ifaiah; in which JEHOVAH is ftyled the Saviour, and is faid to fave and redeem, in almoft every Line. I, even I, am JEHOVAH, and betide me there is No SAVIOUR. But Jefus Chr was the Saviour ; and, therefore, Jefus Chrift is JE- HOVAH. See alfo Ifaiah xlvii. 4..liv. 5, 8. In the Book of the Prophet Zechariah; f we find JEHovAH himfelf declaring, /will pour upon the Houfd of David, and upon the Inhabitants of Jerufalem [all the Elect People-of GOD] the Spirit of Grace and Supplica- tion, and they(hall look upon ME (JEHOVAH] whom they havepierced. Jefus Chrift, both GOD and Man, was the pierced One; for JEHOVAH, refpeéting his divine Nature, can neither be tangible-vor paffive : Confe- quently, the great Redeemer is JEHOVAH. It would take up too much Room, under this Head,- to cite the Paffages in the Old teftament, in which this great Name is peculiarly applicable to the Mdiah, as one of the Perfons in the divine Eflènce i In the New, were it fo direétly our Defign, we might find equal Teftimonies of his Right to that fupreme and everlaft- ing Title. Chrifl, at fundry Times and in divers Man- ners, evinced himfelf to be the incarnate SON of GOD with Power. He wrought fuch wonderful Works, and gave fuch fupernatural Demonftrations of Himfelf, as to render all the verbal Atteftations of his Divinity irre- * Jer. xxiii. 6. xxxiii. 16. t Zech. xii. io. / John xvi. 6. fiftibly