Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

GO D, o R A L E H I M, &c 99 G O D, O R AL, ALOAH, ALEIìIlVÌ. THESE three Epithets are indifcriminately rendered. GOD by our Tranflators. The Word GOD is Saxon, and limply means what is good; which certainly no more conveys the Idea of the Original, than the Word I,/land includes the Notion of the Univerfe. It is not the Defign of this Effay to meddle with the Difputes, which have arifen upon thefe Titles, farther than is abfolutely neceflary; but to point out (what mull not be difputed) that each of them is applied in the Old Teftament to our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Some derive AL from a Root which lignifies Strength or Power; and others, from a Word which implies In- terpofition, Mediation, or Intervention. In either Senfe, the Name is truly applicable to the great Redeemer : For He, with his own Right Hand, and with his holy Arm, bath gotten himfelf the Vitlory' over Satan, Death, and Hell; and He, with infinite Grace and Love, in- terpofed betwixt his People and their merited Venge- ance, by affuming the Office of Mediator between GOD and them. He was mighty to fave, when every created Power would have failed in the Conflict; and He pre- vailed, when they muff have given up the ObjeiS as irremediably loft. He was gracious to intervene, when there was none to help ; and, when no Eye pitied the H 2 abje&