Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

too GOD, oR ALEHIM, Se. abje&t State of miferable Man, he was ready to up- hold. Who is AL but JEHOVAH: * If, then, there be no AL but JEHOVAH ; and if the Word AL be ever ap- plied to CHRIST; it is an inconteftable Proof that CHRIST iS JEHOVAH, the true and the effential GOD. Accordingly, he is called, long before his Manifefta- tion in the Flelh, Immanu-EL, GOD with us t; the mighty AL ; $ the jug AL and the Saviour §; the only AL ; 11 the AL who pardoneth Iniquity ; 4 with other Characters, defcriptive of his Godhead, Grace, and Glory. Chrift, therefore, being AL, is allo JEHOVAH. The Lord Chrift is likewife ALAN, or ALOAH. I know (faid Yob) that myREDEEMER liveth, ** and that he fball ftand at the latter day upon the Earth ; and though after my Skin, Worms dejiray this Body, yet inmy Fléfh (perhaps meaning, the Redeemer arrayed in the Fleih of his Nature) fiat/ Ifee theALOAH. ttBut as this Name ALOAH is only the fingular Number of ALEHIM, and refers to one of the Perfons of the Godhead which are implied in that Word ; the Proof, that this latter Name belongs to the Meffah, will be a fufficient Evidence of itfelf concerning his Claim to the former. Omne majus continet infe minus : And He, who has a Right to the divine Name ALEHIM, cannot but have aperfe& Title to the DenominatiOnof ALOAH. The Title ALEHIM, both in its Conftruétion and Ufe, exprefsly declares a Plurality of Perlons in the divine Efrence. We are not to underftand by the Word Per- fons, when applied to the Godhead, tome feparate Ex- iftences of a different Nature, but d/intl Hypoftafes in one Nature. The Perfons in JEHOVAH are equal in all * 2 Sam. xxii. 32. f Ifaiah vii. 1¢. $ Ifaiah ix. 6. § Ifaiah xlv. zr. fl Ifaiah xivi. 9. ¶ Micah vii. 18. ** Lvveth, in the prefentTenfe, becaufe the Redeemer, refpefting his Divinity, ever liveth. He was from Eternity, and to Eternity will he. JESUS CHRIST is the fame yelierday, to-day, andforever. - Heb. xiii. 8. ft Job xix. 25, z6, and Pfalm xviii. 31. their