Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

`jo2 GOD, OR ALEHIM, &c: Speaking of the Godhead, we muft fay it is one; but (peaking of its Mode of Exiffence, we muft pronounce it to be in three Perlons ; becaufe the Word of GOD, by which alone we know anything of the matter, of, ferts it conffantly and pofitively before us. Here the LoRO, who cannot deceive us, hath determined that our Faith (hall reff ; and here, when our Hearts are in- fluenced by his Grace, Faith will feek to refs for ever. GOD, who alone can know the Manner of his own Exiftence, hath revealed himfelf as a GOD triune ; and which of all his Creatures can contradict HimwithIm- punity.? As the Word JEHOVAH denotes the incommunicable Effence ; fo the Word ALEHIM implies a perfonal Plu- rality in that Efrence. They are very frequently joined together, in order to Phew, that, though the Effence is one and the Perlons are three, they are reciprocally pledged in every Promife, and in every Covenant-En- gagement revealed to Man. As each of the three Per- Ions in the felf-exiffent Effence is properly and effen- tially JEHOVAH ; fo each of them is effentially and pro- perly the ALEHIM. And though the Manifeffatiòns of divine Grace and Power are different in the three Per fons, according to their refpeétive Engagements and Undertakings in the everlafting Covenant; yet they carry on their Operations together, and are as equally undivided in their Energies as in their Nature. Thus, when GOD made all things, we find, that without the WORD (or fecond Perfon) was not any thing made that was made ; and, when the Heavens and the Earth were created, the SPIRIT of GOD moved (and vivified while it moved, or brooded) . upon the Face of the Wa- ters, All, together, concerted the glorious Plan : All, together, concurred in and effe&ed its Execution. The Trinity engaged to perform every thing in the Unity: Spirituam ; Verbo, quo jujit ; Ration, quit diihofuit ; Virtute, fuel potuit ; de Nihilo exprejit in Ornamentum Majeffatisfuee.. Adv. Gent. pn this Paffage his Commentator Zephyrus truly remarks ; Nullibì Attieifmus (ertulliani uberior apparet. And