Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

GOD, OR ALE HIM, &c. sor their Perfections and Attributes ; but, with regard to the Redemption of Man, they are difiinguifhed by their refpeftive Manifeftations and Operations. Hence, they are not merely of like Effence, but of the fame Elfence ; nor are theyfeparate Exiftences, but one coëqual and coeternal Exiftence. They are diftinguifhed from each other in Perfon or Hypoftafis ; but not in Nature, Sub- stance, Divinity, Power, or Glory: " For that which " we believe of the Glory of the FATHER, the fame °' we believe of the SON, and of the HOLY- GHOST, " without any Difference or Inequality." All the In- tentions, Ideas, and Purpofes of the Godhead (to fpeak after the manner of Men) are uniform, confentaneous, and eternal. The fame Decree, which arifes from the FATHER, arifes alfo from the SON, and from the HOLY- GHOST, infiantaneoujly and indivibly ; or otherwife there would be three feparate GODS, which to afl'ert is Po- lytheifm and Blafphemy. They have One Efence, one Power, one Mind. The Will of the Father is the Will of the Son and of the Holy-Ghoft, Their Will is one, becaufe their Nature is one. The grand Manifeftations and Operationsof that Will, refpeEting the Redemption of Man are three, becaufe the. Perfons are three. As the Communion of Nature between the three Perfons includes a Communion of whatever is efi'ential to that Nature, and therefore they equally and conjointly par- ticipate all the Glories of Deity and Supremacy ; fo the Diftinition of Perfons admits the diftin& Performance of what thofe Perfons have mutually and reciprocally engaged to perform, and therefore we can look upon each dfintiy, and adore Him as the Agent of our Salvation. Thus the Covenant of Grace was an Aditi- pulation or Decree of the one Will, Idea, Love, Mercy, Righteoufnefs and Truth of the UNCeti to be manifelled in the three Forms of Creation, Redemption, and Efficacy by the refpefive Perfons in the TRINITY.* Speaking ffertu/lian excellently rays, ael colimns nos, DEUS onus eft ; qui totamn Maltz ilium cum otnni Izffrumento Elementoruin, Corporuae, H 3 Spiri.