Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

GOD, oz ALEHIM, &c. zos s: Superior chufes to go." How then, can Milon be incompatible with Equality ? Efpecially fince Chrift voluntarily covenanted to come down in the Behalf of his People; and may be Paid to have been fent by the FATHER and the SPIRIT, becaufe they an voluntarily covenanted that he fhould go. By the WORD of the LORD [JEHOVAH] were the Hea- vens made, and all the Hoft of them by the .fireath [Heb. SPIRIT .of his'Mouth.* Here again are three Perlons coöperating to one Ef- fee ; The WORD, which is Chrift; the LORD, another Perfon who can only be the FATHER; and the SPIRIT, a third Perfon. The SPIRIT of the LORD GOD is upon ME, becaufe the LORD bath anointed ME, &c. t The Speaker here is the ANOINTED ONE; or. CHRIST; who, when he appeared in the Flefh, applied this Text to himfelf: $ And the Other Perlons are ftyled, The SPIRIT and the LORD. That this. LORD denotes the FATHER, fee fibs iv. 27. and x. 38. And one cried unto another andfaid, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, is the LORD or HOSTS. § The very Rabbins before Chrifi could affert, that by this rifagion, or thrice Holy, were to be underftood the three Perlons, or Sephirotb, in JEHOVAH. It is not an idle Repetition or Afcriptionof Hounds; but a Cele- bration of the proper Holinefs and Divinity of the three Hypoftafes in the LORD or HOSTS. Nor, as St. ferosn juftly obferves, is that frequent Declaration of; Ì am the GOD ofAbraham, the GOD ofIfaac, and the GOD of Jacob, without its Meaning ; but the threefold Repetition intimates the Trinity; and the Reiteration of the fame Name [AT.EHIM] denotes the Unity of Sub- fiance. By * Pfalm xxxiii. 6. f Tfaiah lxi. i, I Luke iv. 18, 21. § Tfaiah vi. 3. l HURON. Corn. in Marc. xii. 26. In Addition to this Remark, we may obferve, that DOD's declaring himfelf to the Ifraelites (Exod. iii. 16.) as JeriovAH the ALEHIM of Abraham, of Ifaac anc.