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GOD, oR ALEHIM, &e. 107 corporeal Form called Jefus of Nazareth. He is of tended up on high, having led Captivity captive, and bath received Giftsfor Men [Heb. in Matt; is e. in the human Nature for the human Nature] that the LORD GOLD might dwell among them : * Or, as the Apoftle expreffes it, for an Habitation of GOD through the Spirit. -f The great Outlines of this Covenant were fhadowed forth under the Law by natural and fenfible Images, that the things, that are clearly feen and underftood, might lead up his People to a juft Apprehenfion of the Things that are not feen. It is the conftant Bufinefs of Faith to lead up the Heart, from material and fenfible Obje&s, to the immaterial and fpiritual Things of GOD. Faith, from the Beginning, was and is the Sub- fiance (T rosaas, the Subfiftence, Confidence, or Foun- dation) of things hoped for, the Evidence (the Elen- chus, Demonftration, or Conviétion) of things not feen. Heb. xi. I. It fubftantiates or realizes fpiritual and in- vifible Objeets; and, by contemplating and refting upon the Promifes of GOD in his Word, it obtains a true Induétion, and a perceptible Pledge, of their abfolute Certainty and final Accomplifhment When the, Re- deemer fpake to Mofes from the Bufh (for he exprefsly was with the Angel who appeared, AEts vii. 31.) he declared himfelf to be I'he ALEHIM of Abraham, 'The ALEHIM of Ifaac, and the ALEHIM of Jacob. t In a fubfequent Declaration this Redeemer acquainted him, with his felf-exiftent and all-fufficient Nature: And the ALEHIM fpake unto Mofes, and faid unto him, I am JEHOVAH; and I appeared unto Abraham (John viii. 56, 58) unto Ifaac, and unto Jacob, by the Name of AL SHADDAI, but by my Name JEHOVAH was Inot known to them. ,§ Chr, in order to comfort his People under their Bondage and to affure them of Deliverance, alerts his own Divinity and Omnipotence.. He was not only (as if he had faid) one of the Perlons in the ALEHIM who had covenanted to redeem; but He was alfo truly * Pfalm lxviii. i8. and Eph. iv. 8. t Eph.'ü. zz. Exod, iï ï6. Exod. vi. ï, 3