Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

zo8 GOD, on. ALEHIM, &e. and properly the felfexiftent JEHOVAH, Almighty to fave. Under the Type of the external Deliverance of Ifrael from Egypt, the LORD exhibits the fpiritual Re- demption of all his Eleft. The Nature, and Extent, of this wonderful Covenant of Life and Peace is fum- marily expreffed in two or three Verles, following the Declaration of the Redeemer's Divinity. Ihave remem- beredmy Covenant : Wherefore fay unto the Children of Ifrael, I am JEHOVAH, and I will bring you out from under the Burdens of the Egyptians [fpiritual as well as temporal Enemies], and Iwill ridyou out of their Bon- dage; and I will redeem you with a firetched-out Arm, and with great Judgements : And I will take you to me for a People, and 1 will be to you for ALEHIM ; and ye Jhall know that I am JEHOVAH your ALEHIM, who bringeth you out from under the Burdens of the Egyp- tians. And Iwill bringyou in unto the Land, concerning the which I did fwear togive it, to Abraham, to Ifaac, and to Jacob ; andI will give it youfor an heritage : I am JEHOVAH.* Thus the Redeemer is careful to af- fert, and repeatedly declares, his own effential Divinity and Glory, that the Heirs of Salvation might have ftrong Confolation and Affurance in the Fulfillment of all his Promifes. He makes an Appeal to their Ex- perience: " Ye Jhall know that I am JEHOVAH your ALEHIM, becaufe I deliver you from the prefent Love and Power of Sin, and from the eternal Punifhment and Dereliftion which Sin hath deferved. I will give you the everlafting Heritage whichAbrabam, and Ifaac, and Jacob, now enjoy. Iwill dwell in you, andwalk in you; ànd Iwill be your GOD, and ye (hall be my People." t For this great Work JEHOVAH the MESSIAH became their ALEHiM, t and their Saviour. § Upon the Account of his eternal Nature, and his everlafting Purpofes ofGrace, his Covenant is termed everlafting. His Blood was the Bloodof the everlafling Covenant, p becaufe it was cove- * Exod. vi. 5, 8. 1- I Cor. vi. 16. t z Sam. vii. 24. S Ifaial lxii. 8, Ifaiah ]v. 3. jer. xxxiii. 20. Heb. xüi. 20, panted