Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

iit GOD, ox ALEHIM, &e: VAH celebrated in the latter. Nor is it any Wonder'§ that the Saints fhould fing his Praifes, fince the Angels are enjoined to worfhip him. * Thefe blefíed Spirits are called GOD's Neffengers becaufe they do his Will, and are ftyled fometimes Gods, becaufe they perform his Offices in the Arrangement of Things, and are ever employed on his high Behefts in the World. And yet thefe are to worfhip yefus. " What Invention could " contrive .a more pofitive and incontrovertible Man - ner of calling the SON, GOD ; than to fay, Let all " the Angels of GOD, or, Let other Gods worfhip HIM? " What is this but to call Him the fupreme GOD; " and manifeftly to make the Diftinétion betwixt GOD " by Nature and by Office? All thefe Gods by Office are " to worfhip the GOD by Nature. Worfhip HIM allye " Gods ; and this the Apoftle applies to Chrift, and " fays that it was fpoken of Him : And how to call him GOD more direftly cannot be imagined." -F If, from Doétrine and Argument, we defcend to Ex- perience; how pregnant with Confolation, how replete with Grace and Truth, are thefe divine Names AL, ALOAH, and ALEHIM, which the Saviour hath afl'umed, to the believing Soul? What Mercy and Condefcen- liion, beyond all the Demerits of Sin and the Thoughts of Sinners, abounded in JEHOVAH ; when He revealed himfelf tohis People as their covenanting GOD ? How happily may they refleét, that their Salvation is not left to Chance or Contingencies ; but that, what the LORD has undertaken in their Behalf from his infinite Love, he will molt furely accomplilh by his infinite Power. He never promifed what He could not, or would not, perform. The Foundation of GOD mutt Rand fure, though all betide fhould fail. He cannot recede, nor break his Covenant, nor alter the thing that is gone out of his Lips: And once (a ONCE that is equal to a perpetual wow) bath Hefworn by his Holinefs, that be will not fail * Heb. i. 6: j Lastfis'¡ Socinian Controverfy difcu9d, Dial, a. p. 45. the