Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

114 GOD, oit ALEHIM, &c: things beyond all pofì'ible Defeat ? 'Tis as well ordered; as the Wifdom of GOD could make it ; and 'tis as lure and fafe, as the Power of GOD can keep it. Not a Tittle or Iöta can fail; not a Name, once written there- in, 'hall be ever blotted out. CHRIST is thy ALEHIM, who cannot deny himfelf. Ponder thenupon his bleffed Names and untreated Nature, each replete with Grace, and all confirmed by Truth. Thy Hopes will ftand firm upon a Saris, fo tranfcendant and durable, fo il- luftrious and everlafting. Remember, happy Man or happy Woman; thou art privileged to feek, not mere covenanted Mercy, as fome pretend to feek, who in- deed are without Hope and without GOD in the World; but ftipulated, promifed, and purchafed Grace Grace that could,not beobtained by thee, and that can- not be taken from thee. It is thy Privilege too to feek thy Bleflings, not from a mere aweful, infinite, and fupreme Being, whole amazing Perfe Lions might damp a guilty Soul with Terror ; but from a meek, a corn, paflionate, a fraternal Saviour, who can fympathize with thy Feelings, and relieve thy Wants. He is indeed JEHOVAH by Nature; but he is alfo ALEHIM in Cove- nant, and JESUS by Grace. The lait Name degrades not the former two; but it railes up his People into Communion with them, through his People's Union to himfelf. Lean then upon this Beloved, upon this divine and covenanted Saviour, alone. And if he hath given thee a real and folid Wifh to lean upon him ; it is a fure and infallible Pledge, which none but Himfelf could beftow, that thou (halt poffefs his Perfon, and all the Glories annexed, in the Heaven of Heavens for ever. To win Chrift, is the greateft Gain; to know Chrifl, is the fublimeft Knowledge; and to live upon Chrift, is the happieft Life, below : And it is the fame Enjoyment, Life, and Knowledge, carried on to the hiheft Perfeftion of both Nature and Place, which thou (halt partake of above. Sing then, thou Redeemed, with the Pfalmift; This ALEHIM is my ALEHIMfor ever and