Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

S A B A O T H. zry tnd ever; he will be my Guide even unto Death ' Or, with the enraptured Prophet; GOD is my Salvation; I will trail and not be afraid: for JAH JEHOVAH is my Strength and my Song; be alfo is become my Salvation. t_ Salvation from my JESUS flows ; His Cov'nant muff for ever Rand `. Nor can the ñerceft of my Foes Wreft me from his Almighty Hand. S A B A 0 T H. OUR Tranflators have rendered this Word HOSTS. and it appears to be a Name, affumed by the Deity, to exprefs at once, that all the Powers and in- numerable Armies of Beings and Exiftences, both in the material and fpiritual World, are fubje6t to his Command and Direction, and entirely derive their ref pe6tive Agencies and Capacities fromHim. This Title or Epithet, therefore, molt emphatically denotes; that he is both felf-exiftent GOD, and that every other Species Of Being or Subflance exift by him; controitïable by his Will and dependent upon his Power. He doeth what it pleafeth him in the Armies of Heaven above, among the Sons of Men beneath, and even with the Fiends of Hell below. All Creation is full of his Prefhce. Pfalin xlviii. aÁ. f Ifaiah xii. 2, $ Jer. xxiii. 24. I a This