Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

A B A O T H. 121 In their Hearts, and, in the appointed Hour, it shall be utterly overthrown. Like the Babylon* of old, it fhall never be inhabited ; nor fhall it raife up the Turrets of Sin and of Pride any more. He is Lord of Hafts for the Protection and Salvation of his People, and alfo for the Destruction and Overthrow of their Enemies and his. No Weapon formed againft them can profper; for the Arm that fhields them is divine. The fabulous ilchilles was vulnerable in the Heel; and Death could enter as effeaually there, as by a Wound in the Heart: But the Heroes of Grace are both invincible and invul- nerable too in Chrift ; and, when cloathed with the Pa- noply of GOD, are Conquerors, everlafting Conque- rors, and more than Conquerors, throughhim that loved them. The Banner of the Lamb (hall be fpread over the Powers of Darknefs ; and Death, and Sin, and the Serpent, (hall pine, among the vanquifhed for ever. This is an aweful Confideration for thofe, who hate the Gofpel and the People of GOD. Their Malice can do no efl'ential Injury to them, whom they have been taught to defpife ; but it may recoil, with a Force they do not apprehend, and with a Rage they may not fupport, into their own Bofom. It will do them no Harm to be quiet : it can do them no Good to beother- wife. The Prophet draws a fine Inference from the Power of GOD, difplayed in this Title of Sabaoth, for the Comfort of the mournful, the weak, and the doubting Ifaiah xiii. 19, &c. How awefully and how wonderfully is this Prophecy concerning Babylon fulfilled ? It is literally accom. pi-idled in the minuted Particulars. Travellers are furprized at finding this once illullrious City fo entirely defiroyed, and obferve with Admiration the prefent Barrennefs of the once fruitful Plainof Shinar. It appears to them as incapable of Culture, as the Defert Sands of drabia, or the Pine-barren Soils of dmerica. Thus, in this Country, and in Judaea itfelf, the Scripture is enlinently ful- filled ; GOD turneth Rivers into a Wildernefs, and the Water Springs into dry Ground; dfruitful Landinto Barrennefs, for the Wickednef of them that dwell therein. Pfalm cvii. 33, 34. See Dr. RAUWOLFF'S and Bp. POCOCKE'S Travels into the Raft; Bp. NEWTOr on the Pro- frbee.ies, Dili, x, and PRZAEAtTx'8 Connell. Vol. i. Part i. B. 8. in