Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

420 S A B'A O T H. Glory hisfirft Creationof the Earth, and all the material $ubftances upon it. Since then refus is theLord of Hogs and the GOD of Sabaoth, what a folid Bats has the Believer's Faith to reff upon ; and how fecurely may he makeup his all in Chrift, upon whofe Shoulder the Government * of Heaven and Earth muff reft for ever and ever ? He is the GOD of Truth, that we might believe : He is the GOD of Strength, that we might depend. Chrift our Lord is a ftrong Lord,-f and able to fave both to the tettermoft Point of Extremity and Danger, and to the everlajiing Ages of Heaven and Happinefs. He is alto asfaithful as he is able, and will never leave norforfake them, who are come unto GOD by Him. This is an undeniable Motive of Encouragement for an Heart, opprefl'ed with Sorrow of any or of every kind, to caft its Burthen upon the Lord. His Promife declares, that he WILL fuftain ; his Power is engaged to deliver ; his Love inclines him to attend ; his Wifdom points out the Time; and Grace, everlafting Grace, brings on the whole with Glory. If he tarry ; his tarrying is not refuting. The Soul may want the promifed Bleffing immediately ; but the Lord perceives the Impropriety of the prefent Time, and the Soul's Unmeetnefs to receive it. He may alfo intend to blow. (as it were) upon his Garden in the Believer's Soul with his nipping North-wind, that the Spices may flow out t Abundantly, and yield an internal Proof to the Heart, tlfat Grace is there, becaufe it evidently appears upon Trial. GOD's Time is the beff Time; and " one Mi- nute loaner than GOD'S Time, would not be his " ° People's Mercy." As Cbrift is full of Strengthfor his People; fo he is . likewife Strength in his People. In him they have ever- laJling Strength; § and, in, them, he puts forth that Strength, to give Viélory over. Sin, the World, and themfelves. He hath laid Siege to the fpiritual Babylon Ifaiah ix. 6. fi Pfalm Ixxxix. 8. $ Cant. iv. 14. § Ifaiah xxvi. 4. iin