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M O S T H I G H. Ij; exceed the Madnefs, or the Obfcenity, of (what they called) their Religion. The one is too (hocking trr mention ; and the other too indecent to name. The Sacrifices to Moloch arofe to as high a Mark in Barba- rity and Brutifhnefs ; as thofe toBaalPhegor, orPeor, and others, in Impudence and Beftiality. In the one or other of thefe refpefts, neither Beafts nor Devils could equal them. The Apoitle, fpeaking of Chrifl, Pays, That he is OVER ALL, GOD bleed for ever.* Now, this could not be true, if CHRIST were not the - MOST HIGH : But the Scripture fays, that JEHOVAHALONE is the MOST HIGH, and that in every Degree which can be named ; -over all the Univerfe ofThings, as well as over all the Earth.-1- CHRIST, therefore, is JEHOVAH, the HIGHEST, and, refpeaing his Godhead, JEHOVAH ALONE. The Ifraelites provoked and tempted the MOSTHIGir in the Wldernefs $ : But CHRIST was with the Ifraelites in the Wildernefs §, and was in the Wildernefs tempted by them 11 : Therefore, CHRIST is the MOST HIGH. None but GOD can have any Propriety in the Saints. They are his, and his alone. Hence they are called the Saints of the MOST HIGH, becaufe they pertain_only to Hirt?,. But the Saints are Paid to be the Saints of the Lord fetus Chrift, yea, all his Saints; evidently mean- ing all them, who ever were, are, or fhall be made fuch.** JESUS CHRIST iS, therefore, GOD MOSTHIGH, the King of Saints. John Bapt/ went before the Face of the LORD, or the HIGHEST, being his Prophet, to prepare his Ways.-f--{- But he went before the Face of CHRIST to prepare his Way : §§ And is, therefore, the LORD, the HIGHEST. * Rom. ix. s. 1- Pfalm lxxxiii. t8. $ Pfalm lxxviii.i7, 56. § Adsvii. 38. IT I Cor. x. 9. II Dan. vii. 18. ** I Their. iii. 13. tt Luke i. y 6. §§ Matth. xi. Io. This Argument is alfo,urged in that exceI- lent Traft, entitled, The Catholic Donrire of a Trinity, by the Rev. W. Jones, p. 4. 3d Edit. Thefe