Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

158 M O S T H I G I-Í, Thefe Arguments for ChriJt's Divinity, drawn front the Application of the Name MOST HIGH, are con- vincing and e irrefragable; becaufe they are grounded upon the infallible Evidence of GOD's holy Word. Others might be drawn from the Analogy of Faith, and the Reafon ofThings; if, after filch inconteftable Proof, they could be deemed neceffary. He, who can melt the Hearts of his People, or bend the Neckof his Ene- mies ; He, who could raife the Dead to Life, or, by his own Power, vanquifh Death itfelf; He, whom Angels worfhip, and all the Hofts of Heaven adore; muff furely and indeed be JEHOVAH the MOST HIGH over all the Earth. And who is this but CHRIST ? He halt conquered his Redeemed by Love, and his Foes by Power. Irrefiftable is his Work upon both. The for- , mer are made willing to fubmit to the golden Sceptre of his Grace; and the latter, left in the Rebellion of their Nature, by a Præterition which his Wifdom and Sovereignty can belt explain, are juftly ruled by the iron Rod of his Wrath. Whatever He does, is afl'ur- edly right. It is eminently fo, in what we can com- prehend ; and we may take his Word, that it is no lefs right and juft, in what we cannot. He bath Mercy on whom he will have Mercy ; and, whom he will, he harden- eth. * In other Words, CHRIST Is the`MOST HIGH, far 'above all Controul and Impeachment, for evermore. If CHRIST then, O Reader, be the HIGHEST in Hea- ven and Earth; hathHe the higheft Place in thy Heart, and is He the Supreme in thy Affeftions ? If it be thus with thee ; thou mayeft indeed be ftyled a Believer. No created Influence could have changed thy Inclina- tions, from their old filthy Channel of Sin : No Power, but the Power of an almighty Saviour, could have con- duEted them, through the winding Ways of a carnal Heart, to the Spring of. Holinefs and of Peace. And if the Impulfe, which is omnipotent, bath begun to re- claim ; ¡hall not the Wifdom which is infinite, and the * Rom. ix. 18, Love