Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

WONDERFUL. a6; Let all the Worldfall down and know, That none but GOD fach Love couldfhow. Ur. WATTS. What abundant Reafon then has every Believer to rejoice, and, with the Prophet, to cry out ; O LORD, thou art my GOD, Iwill exalt thee, I will praife thy Name; for thou halt done WONDERFUL Times; thy Counfels of old are Faithfulnefs and Truth. * If we felt and underflood more of the Wonders of Grace ; we fhould grow more and more affonifhed, that filch tran- fcendent Mercies fhould ftrike us fo little, and that our Hearts could pof iibly be cold at the very Mention of them. What a melancholy Proof is this, O Chriftian, of the natural Obduracy and Corruption of thy Nature, and of its utter Alienation from the Life and Love of GOD ? How rarely dolt thou feel thy Soul truly alive for GOD ! And how little when it is ! And if this be the Cafe, under the Power and Dominion of Grace; what mutt the Situation of the Mind be, under the Power and Dominion of Sin ? Never was the State ,of Man, whether regenerate or unconverted, more exaaly defcribed, than it is by our LORD in the Parable of the Virgins. While the Bridgroom tarried, they ALL (lumber- ed and flept. -J- The molt watchful amongtt them flum- bered; and the molt remits of all did butjeep. They feemed nearly in the fame State' of Indifference, and were all, in a manner; alike neglcftful of their móft important Concerns. What an humbling Reflection then mutt this be to thee ; that the richeft Difcoveries of Grace uponEarth can fcarcely keep thine Eyes open towards Heaven ? And, that the Stupor of thy Soul is fo great, that the Fury of the Devil, the Trials of the World, and the Uneafinefs of the Flefb, cannot keep thee wide awake, upon the very Confines of Hell ? If we look to the religious World about us ; we may fee the fame melancholy PiCure delineated upon Iiaiah xxv. i. 1- Matt. xxvr; S. M 3 a larger