Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

366 WONDERFUL. a larger and more general Scale. A light, eafy, trifling Profe lion, is the great Chara&eriftic and Bane of the prefent Day. Many feem fatisfied, if they can but talk others into a good Opinion of themfelves, and ap- pear too contented to pafs their Life in the idle Ap- probation of Men, without any real or abiding Inter- courfe and Communion with GOD. They feem not to have a due Senfe of the Abfence of GOD upon their Spirits. Hence is derived the frothy, unprofitable, Con- verfation, without Savour and without Grace, which fo much abounds in the great Herd of Prefef ors ; to the Difgrace of the Gofpel, andto the Difquiet of their own Souls, Many aft, as though it were fuf9cient to make only a Shew of themfelves under the Ordinances, with- out pofl'eß'ing thofe fealing Teftimonies of GOD'sLove upon their Hearts, which thofe Ordinances were ap- pointed to confirm and improve. Were the Son ofMan to come at this Time ; O how little true Faith would He find upon the Earth ! How little Grace amidft a World of Noife r For many a long Shadow, how little Subíftance and Stature ! Be it thy Privilege and Portion, happy Soul, who knowefl in whom thou haft believed, to turn away thine Eyes from Men, from the World, and from Self, to HIM, who is glorious in Holinefs, fearful in Praifes, doing Wonders ! Contemplateon what HE bathwrought ; and remember, He hath wrought it all for thee. Every Be- liever has a Right to the whole of That, which Jssus purchafed for all Believers. It belongs to all in gene- ral, and yet to every one in particular. Confider then the Work and Offices of thy Wonderful Saviour, as undertaken and executed in thy particular Behalf, and as though thou wert the only one he came to redeem. His Redemption indeed would not have been complete without thee; for, without the weakeft and the leaft Believer, the Covenant of Grace and the Work of Grace cannot be accomplifhed. He, who made his Covenant fore, bath made thy Name furefor ever there- in. TheNumber of the Elea is certain and muff be fulfilled