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1¢8 C;OUNSELL_'OR. an holy Temple in the LORD :* He was to bear the Glory, to fit and rule upon his Throne, to be a Prieft upon his Throne, and the Çounfel of Peace was to be between them both.± As . the great Mediator, he was to order the Kingdomof Grace, and to eftábl it in judgement and in Righteoufnefsfor evert Now, if Chrift be JEHovAH's Counfellor, he muff be JEHOVAH or GOD ; for who, befides a Perfon in him- fell, bath known. the Mind of the Loan, or who, among the Creatures, bath been bis Counfellor ?§ Who (fays the Prophet) bath diretled.the SPIRIT of the LORD, or, being his Counfellor, bath taught him ? fi No created Wifdom could aflift the Wifdomwhich is untreated. The Fa- culties, made, cannot communicate Intelligence toHim, who made them. GOD neither afks Advice, nor needs it, from the moftfplendid Workmanship of his Wifdoir4 and Power ; and much lets from the narrow, feeble, Intelleft ofMan. And, therefore, were Chrifi, accord- ing to the SoçiniauDream, a Man and only a Man ; or, were He, according to the Arian Blafphemy, a depen- dent and inferior GOD ; he could, upon no Account, be JEHOVAH'S Counfellor, nor confer with Him in the Arrangements of his Providence, or,in the Execution of his Decrees. He muff be equal to the FATHER and the SPIRIT, that he might fuggefl his Counfels ; and they mutt be equal to him, that they might concur in them. Infinite Wifdom can receive no Communica- tions from a Wifdom lefs than infinite. But She three divine Perfons in the facred Effence, being joint, undi- vided, Participants ofwhatever Knowledge, or Power, or Attribute, is peculiar to that Éffence ; they covenant, determine, and execute, equally, jointly, and infeparably, Thus Chrifi, upon the ground of his effential Divinity, and upon That alone, is JEHOVAH'S Fellow If (orEgtlal), and JEHOVAH'S Counfellor. * John xi. sz. Eph. i. lo. ii. zi. + Zech. vi. 12. $ Ifaiah ix. q. § Rom. xi. 34. If ifaiah xl. 13. Ili Zech. xiii. 7. See above p. 148, in the Note under ImMANUEr. Chrifl