Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

COUNSELLOR. 167 fulfilled : Take but one away, and there cannot be faid tobe one hundredand forty-four thoufand ftanding with the Lamb of GOD.* The planetary Orbs vary not a Mo- ment or an Hair's Breadth in their Courfes ; and there -cannot be an Atom added to, or taken from, theUniverfe ofNature: Nor will there be any Thing, or anyPerfon, wanting to complete the Syftem of Grace. Let thy Heart then join with the Heart of the Prophet, in lay- ing ; How great are GOD's Signs ! And how mighty are his Wonders ! His Kingdom is an everlafiingKingdom, and his Dominion isfrom Generation to Generation: C O U N S E L L O R . CHR I S T is not only Wonderful, or Adn irable, in hiinfelf; but he is alfo the COUNSELLOR of GOD and Man. As a Perlon in the divine Efl:°nce, he is con- cerned in all the Counfels and Decrees of the Moft High ; and, as a Partaker of Man's Nature, he con- defcends to inftruet the ftmple and ignorant among Men, and thofe who are out of the way. Nothing was done without film, as GOD ; for without him (lays the Evargelitt) was not any thing made that was made.( He was the Wifdom, who counfelled in all ; as well as the Power, who executed all. Thushe declares of himfelf; Counfel is mine, and found Wifdom : I nm Underjianding, Ihave Strength. § He was to build the Temple of JEHO- VAH, or gather together in one all his ele& People to be ,.Rev. xiv. a. j- Dan. iv. 3. $ John i. 3. § Prbv. viii. 14. M 4 an