Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

COUNSELLOR. 171 andForeknowledge ofGOD, CHRIST effee-ted not only the Poffibility of Salvation; but, by the fame determinate Counfel and Foreknowledge, he rendered Salvation, in every Inftance andObjeft, precife, invariable, and fure. There could be no Contingencies ; becaufe the whole was the Subject of a Covenant . Unlefs we can fuppofe, that any thing might happen, which GOD could not forefee, or dicrnot provide for in that Covenant. But, bleffed be GOD, the COUNSEL of JEHOVAH (loth not arifepro re natd, or according to Occafions, but fiend- ethfor ever ; and the Thoughts of his Heart reach, not only to the Affairs ofa Moment, but to all Generations.* Solomon's Temple was all contrived, ánd every Part and Member of it framed and fafhioned for its Place ; before any Attempt was made to bring them together, upon the holy Mountain. So, in the Sum of things, not one random Profeffor, unappointed and unfore- known, can enter into Glory ; nor one certain and ac- tual Believer, foreordained and prepared for his Man- fion, be forgotten or Phut out. No ; every Member of Chrift's myftic Body will be able to fay with the Pro- phet ; JEHOVAH, thou art my ALEHIM, my Covenant GOD, I will exalt thee, I will praiJe thy Name for thou haft done wonderful things ; thy Counfels of old are Faithfulnefs and Trutb.-j- Redemption was not the Thought of a Day ; but, like its divine Author and his Mercy which produced it, is from everlafting to everlafting, above all Uncertainty or Decline. Thefe Counfels of Chrift j efus work in, and work for, every one of his Redeemed. They lead the Chil- dren of GOD into all Truth ; and they preferve them fafely from (what is worfe than any outward Peftilence) the Peftilence of Error. The great flhithophel, the evil Counfellor, and Arch-Deceiver of the World, is con-. tinually defeated by the fuperior Wifdorn of 7efus ; and all his cunning Devices, againft the Happinefs and Safety ofhisPeople, areperpetually brought to nought. * Pfa1m xxxiii. 1 I. Ifaiah xxv. No