Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

172 COUNS EL'LOR: NoKnowledge, but the Knowledge divine, could elude fo many Stratagems, could defeat fo many Wiles, and difappoint fo many Snares, which that great Enemy of Souls is indefatigably framing, and artfully placing in the Way. The fertile Genius of Satan, and of Satan's hellifh Bands, becomes not only abfolute Idiotifm and Folly, oppofed to the Wifdom of Jefus; but even fub- ferves thofe very Purpofes, which it eagerly meant to deftroy. No Weapon, formed againft the Redeemed, can profper : The Wit and the Malice, the Rage and the Strength, of Devils ; only ferve, like a Hedge of Thorns, to keep the Sheep of Chri/t within the Fold ; and have no Effeft or Operation, but what is abfolutely contrary to their own Defign. Thus Satan is not only a Fool, compared with the Wifdom ofJefus, but a mere Tool to accomplifh, towards the Faithful, the Difci- pline ofJefus. What incefl'ant Obligations then bath the Believer to praife theLORD, with David, who bathgiven him Coun- fel?* The Counfels of the LORD, like all the reft ofhis Mercies, are given, freely given, without Money and without Price, to the People of his Grace. None, but Believers, know ; how the View of this exuberant Goodnefs, and this wonderful Freenefs of the divine Favor, can warm the Heart, while it enlightens and inftruéts the Mind. None, but Believers, can con- ceive ; how much the Experience of GOD's unmerited Mercies, from Time to Time, ftrengthens and affures the Soul of their Continuancewith them for ever. And Believers themfelves do not know, and cannot know, while upon Earth, what Counfels of Glory and Love remain to be unfolded to them in Heaven. The LORD doth not beftow his Love for a Day ; but makes it to fubfift upon the Obje&s of his Favor to Eternity. If GOD fet his Love upon his People, and did not spare his Son for their Sakes, when they were Enemies, and Rebels, and Traitors; how much more, when they are Pfalm xvi. 7. made