Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

174 COUNSELLOR. or one untuned Faculty of Soul, the Loving-kindnefs and Mercy of my God. Then (hall I glorify Him, who brought nie out of difmal Darknefs into marvel- lous Light ; who plucked me as a Brand, half-deítroyed by Sin, from everlafting Burnings; who translated me, from the Tyranny of evil Spirits, into the glorious Li- berty of his holy Angels. Then (hall I caft my Crown at his blefled Feet, and acknowledge, with a Tranfport of Love and Joy, that all I have and all I am did wholly proceed from him ; -that to him they are to be afcribed ; and that He only is worthy, He only is the LORD, for ever. " O my GOD; O that Joy; when (hall I be with Thee !" My feeble Feet afpiring climb The narrow fteep Afcent to GOD: Onward I prefs, with Hope fublime, Along the Road the Fathers trod. II. JEsus his Care and Counfel gives ; JEsus my failing Strength fupplies ; My Soul below for JEsus lives, And Hefor me above the Skies. III. When (hall I fee Him Face to Face; When to my dear Redeemer fly When (hall I meet his kind Embrace, And find his welcome Reft on high ! IV. Come, deareft Saviour, quickly come ; Life without Thee is Life forlorn : O take thy longing PilgrimHome My Soul for Earth was never born ! MIGHTY