Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

MIGHTY GOD. %75 M I G H T Y GOD. HRIST is not onlÿGOD, but the mighty GOD. This he necefï'arily is in the PerfeEhon of his di. vine Nature : But, bearing all() our.human Nature, which is fubordinate even in Him to the divine, he might juftly fay ; All Power is GIVEN unto me in Heaven and in Earth.* The Power, which was inherent in his Divi- nity, was, by the.Covenant of Grace, delegated to his Humanity : And, therefore, as GOD-Man, in one Perfon, he is the Fulnefs, that filleth all in all.t Some are of Opinion, that thefe two Words, MIGHTY GOD, as well as the reft in the Verfe, are diftina Titles, and that they fhould have been rendered, The AL, the MIGHTY ONE. But, without any lnjuftice to the Text, the one may be ufed, as in our Tranflation, adjeétively to the other. The Epithet 'nza, rendered mighty, not only conveys an Idea of fimple Power and Strength, but of conquering Strength and prevailing Power. It denotes the molt emphatic Strength. § Matt. xxviii. 18. f Eph. i. 23. I HIERON. Corn. in loc. § Abarbenel, and other Writers, both Jewith and Chrittian, apply this Title "iia.1, and particularly in Jer. xxxi. 22. to CHRIST or GOD. HuLsrj Geol. rod. p. 3OO. Pocoex. Not. Mife. in Mai- moss. P. 348. Thus