Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

s76 MIGHT GOD. Thus CHRIST is not only mighty in his Energies, bú`>.'" irrefillably efficacious, and fupremely almighty. We have before confidered, how frequently and pro- perly the Title AL is applied to the Lord yefus ; and, therefore, it may fuffice here to dwell upon his Affump. tion of the Name mighty, or mighty one, fo commonly ufed in the Scriptures. Jeremiah prayed unto JEHOVAH, faying, O ADONAI JEHOVAH, &c. the great, the MIGHTY AL, the LORD OF HOSTS is his Name.* The LORD OF HOSTS, by the Confeffion of the Arians themfelves, is the fupreme Deity. Now, by this Text, the MIGHTY AL is the LORD OF HOSTS : But CHRIST, as appears from Ifaiah Ix. 6. is the MIGHTY AL : And, therefore, CHRIST is the LORD OF HOSTS and GOD fupreme. Ifaiah was direfed to prophefy in the Name of the LORD, faying, 1111 Flefh fhall know that I JEHOVAH am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer; the MIGHTY ONE of Jacob.t But jefits Chr f is the Saviour and Redeemer : And, therefore, He is both JEHOVAH and the Mighty One of facob. The Pfalmifl, when his Heart indited a goodMatter, and he was fpeaking of the things touching the KING, calls upon him as the MIGHTY ONE, full of Glory and Majefly, and Pings ofHim in this enraptured Language; Thy Throne, O GOD, is for ever and ever ; the Scepter of thy Kingdom is aright Scepter. Thefe very Words an infallible Commentator applies to the Lord Jefus Chr%l ; and, therefore, we cannot be miftaken in af- ferting, that He is GOD, the MIGHTY ONE. The firft Chapter of the Epiftle to the Hebrews has rendered the Point indifputable. Nor was our Redeemer mighty in Name or in Word only, but in Deed and in Truth. The Evidences of his Divinity Rand upon Facts, as well as upon Pro. phecies and Declarations ; and, taken all together, Jer. xxxii. i6, &c. Pfa1m xlv. i-6. fi Ifaiah xlix, z6. lx, i6. infer