Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

f 12 7 But, over and above the Evidences arifing from the plain Senfe and Etymology of the divine Names, it is well known that the antient Chaldee 'Jews, as well as the Cabalifts, afferted the DoEtrine of a Trinity in the di- vine Effence. They expreffed their Idea of it by this, particular Type; where the three Jods denote JAR, JAR, JAR, or that each of the three Perfons (according to our Athéna- fan Creed) is by himfelf JAR or LOAD ; the Point is Kametz, as common to each, implies the divine Na- ture in which the three Perlons equally exifted ; and the Circle, inclofing all, was intended to exhibit the pèrfea Unity, Eternity, and Conjunçîiost, of the whole Trinity in its Co-exiftence, Operations, and Attri- butes. The learned Kircher is of Opinion, for which he gives many Reafons, that the antient Jews and the later Cabalifts derived their Knowledge of the Tri- nity, and confequently the Senfe and Import of the divine Names which contain it, by a continued Tra- dition from the farft Patriarchs; and he cites the Jet - zirah (a Book which the Jews afcribe to Abraham him- felf; t but which, however that be, is confidered of extreme Antiquity) where the farft Perfon or Hypoftafis is defcribed as nro Kather, the Crown, or the admirable and profound Intelligence; the fecond Perfon, non Chochma, Wifdom, or the Intelligence illuminating the Creation, and the fecond Glory; and the third Perlon, rt]'z, Binab, or the fanaifying Intelligence, the Worker * GYRALD. ele Djs Gent. Synt. I. GALATIN. de fire. Cath. Per. 1. ii. c. Io. KIRCIiER. Otel. Panrph. I. iv. Hierogram. 3. & I. v. c. 3. f HYDE Rel. Yet. Perf. ç. z. f